Thank You, Twitter


Dear Twitter,

twitterSince you came into my life, you have given me so much. I felt it was about time that I thanked you for it and shared all that you have done. For the purposes of this letter, I will overlook the time that you may have (most definitely have) sapped from my life, and we will concentrate only on the good work that you have done…

You’ve introduced me to new shops. Seems a very good place to start, as I do like to shop on-line. I’d particularly like to thank you for Higgledy Garden, The Toadstool, and reconnecting me to Burp Boutique, though there are plenty more!

I found a whole new local mums network, Mums in the Know from my timeline. Since finding this, I’ve been to a free ‘Get into Golf’ afternoon (never tried it before, and so pleased to give new things a whirl), won a fabulous day out at a local farm and play-barn, written several articles for them and we found my daughter’s favourite class that we now go to every week, Kids Let’s Dance.

I now have #postcircle in my life. I have pen-pals. We don’t simply email, text or tweet, we sit down and write to each other on actual paper with actual pens. And then post our snail mail out into the world and so I now receive happy post, along with grumpy bills post.

I won a gorgeous gift for Boo’s birthday – a handmade monster, created to our very own design specifications! Thanks Being Me Being Mum.

I blog. Not sure I would have this blog without you, Twitter, and I really do enjoy writing it. And I write for Mum Network now. Another string to my bow and a club I’m very proud to be a part of. My blog and writing has brought me so much more than I can detail here, but let’s just say that I love it all.

In turn, I read a lot of blogs. They give me product recommendations, meal ideas, inspiration for activities we can all do, and sometimes, just a good old giggle. They’ve changed how we do things around here, for example, thanks to Coombe Mill’s #CountryKids link up, we do all get out and about enjoying the great outdoors with the children much more than we did before, and we’ve endless ideas of places to go to thanks to blogs and tweets. We enjoy more messy play, have more baking ideas…hold up, as I could go on an on here. This is a whole new world, really Twitter, and could warrant an entire post of it’s own (maybe a thank you bloggers letter is needed at some point?!)

So I mentioned Coombe Mill. Yes, Twitter you have even managed to find us all a holiday. We’ll be off for a week of family fun on a gorgeous farm in Cornwall next spring, hooray!

My timeline spoke of pinning. I had to investigate. I overlooked it for several months, then curiosity got the better of me and now I am thoroughly enamoured. Pinterest, another handy way to collect ideas and inspiration to enhance my children’s lives (and lose precious hours of mine…!)

My business has a lot to thank you for, too, dear Twitter. I have found team members and happy customers through you, which I’m sure has also enhanced their lives 😉

And last, but by no means least (dare I say ‘most’?), you have given me new friends. They may only live in my phone, and I occasionally allow them onto my PC, but I’ve a feeling that some of them are actually real, and they are so, so lovely. Ready with a piece of advice, sharing ideas, woes, happy news, general chit-chat and so much more. Thank you for the people I’ve now ‘met’ in my phone.

Best Wishes, and Love Always (though this new line thing makes me a little less loving, but I suppose that all relationships have their rocky patches),

Me x

What would you thank Twitter for?

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31 thoughts on “Thank You, Twitter”

  1. A lovely thank you letter, I mostly use twitter via the echofon app so I have no idea about the new line thing though I see a fair few tweets bemoaning it!

    What Kiran said about finding support in hard times is very true. Of course there are times when you feel like you’re talking to yourself but too many times that happens in “real life” too! 😉

    1. Sadly, that’s very true!

      I normally use twitter on my phone & haven’t updated the app with the lines, so am safe there, but if I nip on on the computer, it has the lines!

  2. Twitter can be a great tool and I think it’s definitely a good way to connect with people on you’re own wavelength which when we are all so busy and in our own lives it can be hard to do or find. Thanks so much for the mention 🙂

  3. I’d thank Twitter for my Milo, my little rescue doggy I spotted on there 2 years ago. And now we’ve found little Missy who will also be joining us as soon as she’s well enough. She was also on Twitter. When I relocated to a place I knew not a soul I at least had my pals at Twitter along with me so I’m never lonely, too.

    1. Wow, huge things to thank it for then. Lovely to think it’s made such a difference to your life like that. Thank you for sharing x

  4. What a great idea for a post! I have loads to thank twitter for too, including right up there finding me lovely new holiday guests and a way to spread my love of outdoor time for families. Thank you for the wonderful mentions, this has made my day.

  5. Having just joined twitter two days ago, this gives me hope. I can’t say that I understand the layout/format at all, but I think that I have realized that blogging alone is not enough to keep you “in the know” with the “cool crowd”. I’m fed up of hearing about all the things that I’ve been missing, but I am terrified of allowing my attentions to drift to yet another place away from my present time family and friends. But blogging gives me a lot of joy, so hopefully Twitter will only enhance that experience?

    1. I do hope so. I’d definitely agree that as a blogger, it’s an enormous help to be on Twitter. It’s a great community, once you get used to how it works. But, there is the danger of being sucked into it, so you need to find a balance.

  6. Great post.
    I love twitter – it is a huge part of my life, and wow so much to thank it for. New friends, talking to celebrities, finding information, up to the minute news – lots.

  7. This is great. I’ve never written out everything I’ve discovered/done because of Twitter. It’s my favorite social network, and I feel a little sad that I haven’t had as much time to spend there lately. Reading your post reminds me that I miss it!

  8. Great letter and totally agree with you – twitter really does open up a whole new world of friendships and opportunities and laughs….It is also highly addictive though so I’ve recently had to give myself a ‘time out’ on Sundays!

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