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That September Feeling

Ah, that September feeling. I do love it.

I’m always a little sad to see the summer holidays come to an end. I like having the kids at home, I like not having to rush around in the mornings and I love the summery weather. But, I am always consoled by the fact that when they go back to school, that September feeling kicks in and it’s good!

September always feels like a clean slate to me. It feels like the right time to make plans, get organised and make a few changes. 

I am always motivated in September. I am usually brimful of ideas. 

notebook and pen pot

You’ll be surprised to learn that I also see this all as an opportunity for new papery things. Surprised, right?

September for me tends to involve lots of lists, plans and ideas. And as you know, the best kind of planning and thinking is always done on paper.

I talk about my love of papery thinking and lists in my How to be More Organised post, and I have gone into organisation mode here now. 

I have been getting through ridiculously long to-do lists and feeling good about it. A bit tired, but good!

It’s been a real variety of tasks, from booking in appointments to cleaning and chores to projects around the house to making plans. And of course there is then work-related stuff. 

I have visited my shelf full or beautiful blank notebooks, just begging for a reason to be used. I have got one out for blog and business planning and I have a fresh journal on the go. There are so many other things I could do with them (I shared great ways to use notebooks here) so I do have my eye on starting a couple more of them. 

I love starting a new notebook. I am always very careful, I don’t want to ‘spoil’ it – stationery addicts will completely understand this, I hope!

I have also unearthed a pencil case packed full of pens I had forgotten I had, so they are getting used with the notebooks now, and it’s all starting to look very colourful.

Aside from the prettiness of it all, such is the joy of stationery, it is also practical and I am getting excited to develop these plans. I’ll be sure to share more with you soon, many revolve around #bringbackpaper. 

And of course, as always, my trusty bullet journal is never far from my side. I sometimes think that I wouldn’t be able to operate on a day to day basis without it. I picked up a new dot grid notebook over the summer ready for when my current journal runs out, as I can not be without this. The new one has a lovely soft cover, I am looking forward to moving onto that one! 

Ah, that September feeling. Filled with possibilities, optimism and fresh stationery. It’s the best. 

Do you get that September feeling? 


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4 thoughts on “That September Feeling”

  1. I love this time of year. September does feel like a clean slate and a fresh start. I always have a lot of motivation, especially with the kids back at school & college.
    I started a new notebook on Monday, keeping track of my exercising and what I’m eating. It is very exciting x

  2. I haven’t had that September feeling yet, but hope it hits me soon. There’s heaps of things I’d love to tackle now that the weather is cooling down, and definitely agree with starting a new notebook though, that’s a all year thing for me. Lisa

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