That Word Of The Year

At the beginning of 2023 I decided to choose a word of the year. 

I chose the word ‘entertaining’ to be my word for the year as I wanted it to be a fun one for all of us and to have a variety of events and trips to look forward to. My daughter and I also decided to have the Year of Live Music. 

So far, it’s going well, and I have noticed that our Year of Live Music is fast becoming two years of live music, and we might as well just change it to a lifetime of live music, right?

My daughter and I have seen Lewis Capaldi and Harry Styles this year. Both brilliant, both artists that we’d happily go and see again. 

We did actually have tickets to see Lewis again this month, but he has cancelled his concerts for the rest of the year now. And as it turns out, I wouldn’t be able to go now anyway as I’m in treatment. 

Unfortunately, the Husband and I had to sell our tickets to see The Chicks last month as it was too soon after my surgery to go, but we do have plans to see Luke Combs in October together. That’s a little break for us too as we’re making it into an overnight stay. 

My girl and I have tickets for Louis Tomlinson in November and then Niall Horan next February. 

These are much anticipated, and she’s already making noises about Liam Payne touring and she thinks that even Zayn might tour and I’d thought I’d get away without that one as he never tours. I just see more ticket queues and concerts on my horizon! 

Then there’s the big one. 

And I have to tell you, it was the most stressed I’ve been waiting to get tickets. And as you can probably tell, I’ve bought tickets a fair few times!

We are going to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour next summer! 

All four of us are off to this one, the first we’ve been to all together and it’ll be my son’s first concert. 

We’ll be making a weekend of it and exploring Liverpool whilst we’re up there and taking a Beatles tour – it’ll be a very musical weekend!

We always have our eyes on other tours, and there are a couple of other artists we’re waiting on to announce dates. 

Along with the live music, my daughter and I have been enjoying the theatre.

My favourite this year has been the Rocky Horror Show and my daughter loved Heathers. We’re looking at a few other shows coming up too.

The Husband and Little Man have been ‘entertained’ with sport. 

They’ve been to several cricket matches, with tickets for The Hundred next week and an IT20 game next month. They’ve also see the Harlem Globetrotters and AVFC women’s team so far this year, and I am sure they’ll be going along to more football when the season starts again.

As well as attending these entertaining events, the kids have been a part of the entertainment.

My daughter has taken part in her school musical and choir and plans to audition for the next one when she returns to school. My son has played for his cricket club all summer and has just been accepted to a new football team so that season will be underway soon. 

Entertaining things all over the place! 

I’m happy with my word of the year. It’s been fun for us all so far and it promises to continue to give us plenty of things to look forward to. 

Let the entertainment continue. 

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4 thoughts on “That Word Of The Year”

  1. How wonderful to see both Lewis Capaldi and Harry Styles. My girls and I would both love to see them live! Well done on getting the Taylor Swift tickets, I saw all the drama online about them being difficult to get.
    Entertaining is a perfect word for your year. x

    1. They were brilliant! Oh, the thought of getting those tickets was stressing me out, it actually went very smoothly when I went to buy them! Thanks x

  2. What a great word for the year! My word for 2023 was “continue.” I wanted to continue with my writing and continue doing the things that brought me happiness. But I’m considering adopting your word for next year!

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