The 30 Seconds Kids Book Series

We have discovered a new children’s non-fiction series here, the 30 Seconds kids book series, and we are absolutely loving it!

Let me tell you all about them, and then I’ll give one of you a chance to win a bundle of them, too…

30 seconds books

30 Seconds Kids Books Series

Ivy Press publish these brilliant books, and there are several titles in the series.

As you can see, we’ve been enjoying Inventions in 30 Seconds, Ancient Egypt in 30 Seconds, Earth in 30 Seconds and Myths in 30 Seconds.

There are other topics covered, such as space, science ideas, oceans and the human body, and there will be books about insects and weather out later this year. All are priced at £9.99 and are paperbacks.

The books are aimed at children aged 8-12, but Boo, at 5, has been enjoying them as have adults, too – she’s read some of them with me, daddy and nanny now, and we are all equally impressed. We are learning , let alone Boo!

As the titles suggest, each book is a collection of 30 topics, a page dedicated to each, on the premise that it can be read in 30 seconds.

You can, of course, but I’d recommend lingering over each page, with illustrations, a little longer than that and absorbing the information.

ancient egypt in 30 seconds

Oceans in 30 Seconds - coral reefs

As well as the explanations, stories and narratives, many pages also include further facts or activities in boxes at the bottom.

30 seconds books boxes

These are great for children and adults alike (though I notice that they do also publish an adults 30 seconds series, too, and they look absolutely fascinating), full of bite-size chunks of information on a great variety of subjects.

They’re easy  to dip in and out of, and I can see them being picked up and read and re-read many times by both of my kids over the coming years.

I’m really impressed with this series, and Boo’s really enjoying them, too – so much so she’s chosen to take them in for Show and Tell at school this week, as she wants to share her new-found knowledge with her classmates!

I do have a set of these books to give away now, too, the same four as pictured here. To be entered into the draw, use the rafflecopter below. It’s open to UK entrants only, and closes at 12am 20th July 2015. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What do you like about these books?

Disclosure: We received the books FOC for the purposes of this review, though as ever, all words and opinions remain my own

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126 thoughts on “The 30 Seconds Kids Book Series”

  1. I like the 3 minute challenges gives parents ideas and things to do together and its learning through play which is always the best way to learn

  2. I like the three minute quests and missions. My kids would love that. One question on a different subject, though: Do you know of any good books for kids that tell stories about how a big brother helps the younger one or anything of that sort? I’m thinking my eldest is in need of some good reads telling him how great it is to be a big brother!
    Thank you!


    1. I’ve not read any to be honest, but I’ve heard of ‘what brothers do best’ which may be worth a look?

  3. They are the sort of books my kids enjoy reading as they love to discover new facts to impress their teachers, friends and me! I love buying them non-fiction books as they often help them with their school topics and projects.

  4. I illustrated the black and white side drawings for this series and I learnt so much working on this project, my son would run in from school straight upstairs to see the latest drawings and hear the stories, they are great books! x

  5. Kelly Lawton (@Jakeysmummy2006)

    My little boy Jake loves to ask questions and learn new things so these would be perfect to keep his brain busy!

  6. Joanne O'Neill

    I love that you can read a little or a lot! My daughters are always wanting to know what’s next but you could do these at night in small chunks! Brilliant

  7. I like the fact that my son would see these as an easy read and something he could dip in and out of. He would be much more likely to read them because they don’t seem overwhelming. I think the three minute quests and missions are a fab idea.

  8. These books would be ideal for my son he’s a slow learner and loses interest in books quite quickly but with different interesting topics on each page I think it will keep him amused longer

  9. Elizabeth Hinds

    I love that they’re fun and interesting – and presented in such a way that the children won’t even realise they’re learning!

  10. Anthony Harrington

    I like the bite-sized aspect of it, if you can engage a child’s interest quickly it can give them an interest in a given subject rather than being confronted by a large informal text book.


    I like the “bite-sized” concept of the books,they are just right for holding short attention spans yet contain lots of info

  12. Linda McGarrigle

    I love that they are fun and promote children exploring the world around them and they are interactive x

  13. These would be perfect for my son who is so interested in the world around him and would give him a short answer that he could really understand!

  14. I like the fact that children can dip in and out of reading instead of having to read a big chunk in one go! Many thanks for running a great competition!

  15. I really like how short the informational pages are. It opens it up to use with younger children. I’d even be willing to try reading some to my nearly 3 year old.

  16. Lots to learn without having to take too long reading, would be good to read when you have a few minutes spare.

  17. They are good way to get a child interested in something and to encourage them to read more about a topic they find particular interesting. It’s a brilliant way to introduce them to things.

  18. I love the way they are starting to get children thinking independently and will create a kind of knowledge framework that will enable children to learn related facts and stories easily

  19. I think these sound wonderful,lots of topics there is something for every child.The fact that they’re in 30 second chunks is such a good idea.Sometimes children can get easily bored and zone out and these will be perfect to combat that.This is such a novel idea(pardon the pun) and one I can see really taking off x

  20. Barbara Handley

    I like how straightforward it is for children to find out the information. Makes readers think about what they have read and gives them activities to do. Lovely illustrations as well.

  21. Denielle Nicol

    A great way at getting and keeping kids interested and switched on to the subjects being studied. Dxx

  22. They seem great in the sense you can read just little sections, that there are quests, questions or tasks to indicate that the information has been retained.
    I’m forever trying to get my 9year old Autistic son reading but have had difficulty finding something to interest him, however these books seem to have lots of facts….something ideal for my boy.
    If I don’t win I will happily go and seek out these books.

  23. The kids at my work would love these! The 3 minute challenges are such a clever idea to help kids learn more whist having fun! 😀

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