The 4 Words That Always Make Me Stop

I feel like I’m always on the go. I have written to-do lists, and then seemingly endless mental to-do lists, too. From the moment that I wake up, I’m thinking about what needs to be done that day and beyond, and how I can I get it all done most efficiently. There is always something to do, I think, isn’t there?

But no matter how busy I am, no matter what tasks I’m trying to get done, there are four words from my children’s mouths that are always guaranteed to make me stop.

‘I want a cuddle’.

When either of my kids say this, they know they have me. They know that it works every time, and if they’re cleverly manipulating me on this one, then I don’t care.

My girl’s not much of a cuddler, so when she says it, I know that she’s tired, emotional or feeling a little bit poorly. My boy is a cuddly little thing and I get plenty from him each and every day.

They need their cuddles from their mum. It makes them feel safe, loved, and they also know that they have my complete attention. But I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s actually me that needs them more.

If the day that I’m having isn’t going well, if I’m feeling stressed out, under pressure or just plain down, a cuddle seems to ease everything. There’s something about feeling their little arms go around my neck and hug me in tightly that makes everything else melt away. And when they invariably murmur ‘I love you, mum’ at the same time, there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

I suspect that I’m living slap bang in the middle of the cuddle zone now, with a nearly 6 and just turned 3 year old. I suspect this is the height of my cuddle days. I suspect that these cuddly moments will slowly dwindle until all I get are perfunctory hugs, if anything at all.

But for now, when I hear those 4 words, I will down tools and enjoy those little hands holding me tightly. I will take comfort in them, just as my children take comfort in me. I will milk this time for all it’s worth and get as many cuddles in as I possible can – they can be stored up, right?

Nothing beats a cuddle

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18 thoughts on “The 4 Words That Always Make Me Stop”

  1. And so you should! Take every cuddle you can get. It really does ease everything a cuddle, doesn’t it? My boy will still give me a lovely genuine cuddle at almost 11. Long may that continue! X

  2. Oh yes, I will down tools for those 4 words too. In fact they are my favourite things in the world-cuddles from my babies. Although at 9 and almost 5 they’re obviously not little, the will always be my babies 🙂 You’re right, it makes everything feel OK, even when the day is presenting some insurmountable challenges xx

  3. Oh this is just so true – those four words do just make you stop, no matter what you’re doing, and just embrace the little ones. My girl is still interested, but I’m aware that time ticking…!
    So cute!

  4. Oh gosh, I know! I get about one cuddle a year from my 16 yr old now. It’s kind of weird them growing up! My 6 yr old is very cuddly and we do love a bit of a squeeze, but he’s very skinny so they’re not the softest of cuddles! My ‘baby’ is 4, and his cuddles are soft and warm but he can be a bit sparing about them, so to be honest it’s the 4 yr old I pester for a hug or two!

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