The Best States to Retire to in 2022

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Choosing to retire is a major decision. Some people will retire where they’ve always lived to remain near friends and to keep family close. For other people, they lived in a state because of their job or industry and are keen to move somewhere less expensive. Doing so may help to free up some equity in their home and stretch their retirement money. Here are the best states to retire to in 2022. 


Florida is one of the most popular choices for retirement. It means heading to the sun and enjoying your retirement years. While there are inland locations, many parts of the state enjoy coastal living. Within the state, over 25% of its citizens are 60+ with some cities, towns, and counties rising higher still. Choosing where to reside in Florida is important too. While somewhere like Miami is happening for real estate, it’ll be substantially more expensive. This will become only too apparent when looking at the homes for sale there.

Talking with real estate agents to learn which parts of this lush state are more affordable and offer a peaceful retired life is worthwhile. EZ Home Search has information on real estate and the local area that will prove invaluable to someone from out-of-state. 


Minnesota is also popular for retirees looking for a high-quality lifestyle and is relatively safe too. For example, the AARP rated the state as number four for seniors in 2019 as a healthier place to live. We’d hate to disagree with that. With an over 60 population of over 20 percent, it’s heavily populated with people looking to slow down. The state shares a border with Canada, so regular trips across the border for a change of scenery aren’t an issue. However, there’s plenty to see in Minnesota too. There’s Lake Superior – one of the Great Lakes – but there are thousands of other lakes to visit too. So, if you’re interested in fishing, boating, or relaxing by the water, then this state is calling your name. 


Iowa is a state with low property costs and a cost of living that can be cheaper too. It has an old-fashioned attitude to many things and lacks the fast-paced focus of big cities. Roughly 20 percent of the population is at or near retirement age too. So, anyone moving to Iowa to retire won’t be alone while everyone else is at work. One kicker for some people will be the fact that presently social security benefits aren’t taxable at the state level. This could leave more money in your pocket if you move and retire there. 


If you’re happy with the heat, not a whole lot going on, and friendly people, then Texas could be just the ticket. Seniors aren’t a fixture in Texas. About one-sixth are over 60 in Texas. Real estate is on the more affordable end too. There is a choice of whether to reside in big cities, small towns, or out in the sticks. 

The cost of living is lower on average than the rest of the US. However, you’ll notice the steep energy bill to keep cool. Solar power might be in your future. 


Nebraska is a state to keep an eye on for retirement. It won’t be on the top of the list but it’s surprisingly popular with one-fifth of residents over 60. The cost of real estate is more reasonable than in some other parts. It certainly won’t break the bank and likely will be less costly than where you already reside. Nebraska’s average cost of living is also quite reasonable. It’s not California, after all, so the financial expenses won’t shock you. 


Idaho gets a reputation for being pricey, but it all depends on where you choose to live within the state. The more popular places are expensive, and that’s not true elsewhere. The state enjoys a good blend of scenic spots and urban sprawl, so you can pick where to reside and how close you wish to be to either. The cost of living is a little lower than average, but real estate is a bit pricier. Residents are looking to enjoy the cleaner air and the ability to get outdoors, without being too far away from civilization when they feel the need for a Frappuccino. 


The state of Ohio offers plenty of activities for seniors to partake in. It also has more affordable housing than many other states too. More than 20 percent of residents are over 60 years of age. So, the state caters to retirees with the availability of local services. 

Choosing a new state to retire into isn’t a quick decision. It’s probably a good idea to visit at least once to look around and get a feel for it. That’ll also help to narrow down which part of the state most appeals to you too.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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