The Best Things About Nephews

The best things about nephews (or nieces for that matter, I simply don’t have any) has got to be that balance of complete love with very little responsibility. It’s perfect!

I am fortunate enough to have two nephews, two brilliant nephews. Nope, no bias here at all.

I have been there to watch them grow and develop, having seen them pretty much every week of their lives.

My eldest nephew, now 21, was around eighteen months old when I first met him, as I started dating the Husband. He was the first grandchild, the first nephew, the first son, so let’s be honest, the world revolved around him. And rightly so, as he was so cute, a little dot. He’s now completing his training to be a geography teacher.

Then I was around for my younger nephew’s birth, got to meet and hold him a few hours after he was born. He’s now 15 years old, in his final year of his GCSEs.

They are both so different to one another, making it fun and a real pleasure to be part of their lives, their growing up.

You’d think with them being 21 and 15 that they wouldn’t have much of a relationship with my children, but no, they are so close. I’m always hugely grateful as they are brilliant with Boo and Little Man, so very patient with them and believe me, my two don’t give them an easy time! Yes, there are the days when they are happy to just play Lego or board games, but then there are the times that they will be insisting on climbing all over them, making them run around the house playing hide and seek, dragging them outside to play football, cricket or whatever else they fancy. And they put up with all of it, they humour them even when I can see that they are tired from university or rugby, and it just makes me love them all the more.

Boo and Little Man absolutely adore them and look forward to seeing them all week. If they get new toys, new clothes, or something good happens during their week, they are keen to share it with them. They are amongst their very favourite people in the world. I know that my son adores me, but I’m pretty sure that his cousins top his favourite people list!

The thing with nephews is that you get so many highs that you do with your own kids, without as many lows. I love them, I am proud of them and I enjoy spending time with them. As with my own children, their achievements and setbacks affect me; I get nervous for them when I know they have important things on, thinking of them, hoping they’re OK, but then it’s down to their parents to be there for them that day, not me. As an aunt, I feel one step removed, which is a nice place to be. I’d do anything for them, without having had to! But I will always be here for them, along with the Husband, and I am sure they know that.

Now if they could just come and live here from time to time so that my kids don’t need me at all, that’d be just perfect…!

Of course it does help that my nephews are clearly the best in the world, right?

Are you lucky enough to have nephews?

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2 thoughts on “The Best Things About Nephews”

  1. That was so nice to read Jocelyn. I have nephews too. They live in on a different continent and we have almost no relationship with them. We get a forced thank you note when we send birthday presents and they haven’t visited our part of the world for 8 years. You are so right to love and appreciate your closeness to your nephews, in geography and in your heart!

    1. Thank you. Ah, that is a shame, though not much you can do on another continent! I definitely appreciate it, we are lucky.

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