The Birthday Morning

birthday morning1

I adore this photo. I love the chaos of a birthday morning that it represents. Boo sitting there amidst paper, cards and strewn gifts. The husband on the edge futilely trying to tidy up around her. Little Man, in motion, wreaking havoc wherever he goes. Boo ripped open cards and presents at the speed of light, Little Man waddled from torn bits of paper, to envelopes, to toys with such delight, grabbing and prodding everything that he could lay his little hands on, while we kept up a constant round of moving things out of his way, whilst trying to allow Boo to play with everything that she wanted.

It was madness. It was magic 🙂

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32 thoughts on “The Birthday Morning”

  1. Birthday chaos is just brilliant isn’t it. I hope Boo had the best day, it definitely looks like it got off to a great start. Brilliant photo, I love Little Man in the background! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

    1. Ah, the twist ties! We actually didn’t have any this time, now you mention it. Very unusual! I’m sure we’ll make up for it Christmas Day!

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