The Birthday Week

We are embarking on the birthday week in our household. It’s the Husband’s tomorrow and then mine at the weekend.

The Husband has been off since Friday evening so it’s nice to have him home with us. He’s continued to work full time throughout the pandemic, so he’s also enjoyed having a break. Of course, it was sunny and warm whilst he was working, and now…not so much! We’re hoping it will at least be dry so that we can visit his parents in their garden tomorrow.

It does feel strange this year. I know that we are old now, but birthdays do normally feel special to us. We do celebrate them, always have them off work, and we do like to treat one another. It’s tricky to do that this year, but I am grateful that we’re all well and will spend them together. At least there’ll be no school run to rush to tomorrow, so that’s something!

I’ve managed to get the Husband a few things that he’s asked for along with a couple of surprises, so I’m hoping he’ll like everything. Along with popping to see his parents, we’ll probably take Herbie for a long walk somewhere and then get a takeaway on the evening. Big plans, hey?!

I’m hoping for a selection of little treats at the weekend, candles, books, plants, mugs, gin, you get the idea. And then I’m not too sure yet what I’ll get up to. I might go wild and venture out alone for the first time since March and browse a garden centre or go for a long walk with Herbie. It’s funny as normally I’d want to have the kids with me on my birthday and I was so pleased when I realised it fell on a Saturday this year so they wouldn’t be in school. But now, though I absolutely adore them, the idea of being alone for an hour or so for the first time in nearly three months makes me feel a bit giddy! We’ll see, I am hoping that the sun might put in an appearance again, fingers crossed.

It will be one to remember, the stangest birthday week we’ve had so far, but whatever the week brings, we’ll enjoy it. There will be cards, gifts, cake and plenty of smiles. It’s all we really need.


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