The Blog Plans…After Uni

As I move into my final few weeks of my Open University course, it’s fair to say that my attention is largely being diverted that way. So firstly I’d ask, please do bear with me. I will still be sharing and posting here, I will still be popping up on social media, but it may just not be quite as often. Though if you check out my Instastories, you’ll probably see streams of me studying there, so yes, that’s what I’ll be up to and where you can find me.

All being well, I’ll complete my degree mid-May, and then we’ll be off to Disney World a few days later (where my Instastories will be considerably more fun than study books!). The next few weeks are looking pretty busy and intense on my calendar. But all of this does mean that when I return in June I will be able to work full time here on the blog, which I am really looking forward to.

I’ll have more time to put together creative posts, I have a couple of ideas for new blog series’ that I’d like to run and I can enjoy spending more time on social media. This will largely involve lots of Pinning and sharing more on my favourite platform, Instagram (sorry, Twitter). I will also be able to upload to YouTube more regularly, and plan to share a Bring Back Paper video each week and then more of a lifestyle vlog weekly, too.

I have had some great feedback around the Bring Back Paper Gift Boxes with many of you asking that I do go ahead with this idea. As such, I have been busy sourcing some suppliers and am looking forward to sharing their wares with you. I will get these launched and available over the summer, so exciting!

Looking then at the longer term, if I manage to reach some of the goals that I set for myself, I plan to give myself the treat of a little blog makeover and new theme. Yes, the wildest of dreams and treats for me! I’ve just not had the time to look at this for a while, so I am hoping that once I have got everything else where I’d like it to be, this will be fun to do. Of course with new logos and themes I’ll then need new business cards and a few other bits of new stationery – you’re not surprised that stationery has to be involved at some point are you?!

As I say, I am looking forward to seeing where working full time here takes me. I do hope you’ll all stick with me through the next fraught few weeks and see what I start to get up to in the summer. Oh, and as always, any thoughts or suggestions from you guys are always very welcome so do comment or message me if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see. I love taking on new ideas!

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  1. Best of luck to you! Exciting news coming to the end of your degree, enjoy the weight off your shoulders for a while 🙂

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