The Bring Back Paper Club Facebook Group

So many people have asked me to form the Bring Back Paper Club Facebook group, so yes, I have finally got round to it…

It’s a Facebook group for all things paper.

It’s a group where we can share and indulge in our mutual love for all things paper. We can chat books, share snail mail tips, show papery tutorials, admire gorgeous libraries, giggle over bookish memes and share any paper crafts – anything papery is very welcome. I do often run swaps, so snaps of these can also be shared, so we can all ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over them together!

Of course the group is new, so it would be lovely if you could drop by and add a little something to it. Feel free to introduce yourself, jump on one of the chat threads or pop something papery in there – a link, a photo, and who doesn’t love a GIF?! We’ve a lovely group of Bring Back Paper Club members already there and I am loving the threads so far, come join in!

If you’d like to join, here’s the link, and feel free to add any friends that you think would enjoy papery chat.

I want to get more paper enjoyed, more letter writing taking place, more happy post being sent, more books shared around, more news on beautiful products, and simply more indulgence in pretty papery goods! Please come join my papery quest and share with other like-minded people!

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