The Cathedral Visit

With the somewhat dodgy weather we’ve had here this past week, coupled with it being the week before Christmas, our options for outings have been a little limited. We’ve managed to squeeze in a couple of visits to the park, and one to soft-play, but then what? I’m not going to be ‘popping’ to the shops in all of the mayhem, our local library shares a car park with a major supermarket (suspected it might be busy!) and garden centres and retails parks are also a little crazy. Normal options exhausted, I had to think a little harder! And I came up with a cathedral, relatively close to us, that we’d yet to visit…


Boo and I loved it in there, though to be honest, Little Man lost interest halfway round and started demanding snacks – you just can’t please everyone! It was so calm and Christmassy there, and there was a local school practising their carol concert whilst we meandered, which made it all the more beautiful. For children, they also had an ‘angel trail’ – a leaflet with pictures and information about 8 angels we had to look for and spot around the building, which just added to the fascination for Boo (and me!).

I love churches, cathedrals, castles – anywhere bursting to the seams with history and memories. I enjoy exploring these beautiful buildings, resonating with ghosts of days gone by, filled to the brim with hopes for the future and never more hopeful than at this time of year. There’s a feeling of peace and sanctuary, that I even felt with Little Man’s whining! It was a lovely visit, and the first of many like this, as long as Boo continues to show such interest.

It does get me pondering which of my hobbies the children will share with me, if any. Or with their dad. I’d like to think reading will continue to be one, and it looks like both children will enjoy drawing, so that’s one for the husband ticked off. And then, who knows? It’s an adventure we’ve yet to undertake with them, and as well as sharing our passions with them, maybe they’ll introduce us to a few of theirs along the way. The journey awaits…

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22 thoughts on “The Cathedral Visit”

  1. Is that Lichfield? Samuel Johnson is buried there I think-he wrote done lovely things about my island! It’s lovely when you get the sense that your children will enjoy some of the sane things as you, for us too castles and outdoors. Oh yes and drawing. And littlest loves cars and music-the very image if his Daddy! Lovely photo 🙂

    1. Thank you, and yes, it is Lichfield. It’s lovely to see their personalities & preferences emerging, especially the idea that you may have a shared interest. Time will tell, I suppose..!

  2. Love that photo Jocelyn, it looks like a beautiful cathedral. It so difficult when it’s really pouring isn’t it, we’ve been desperate to get out. It must have looked wonderful in the cathedral with it all Christmassy. A lovely thing to do. Thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

  3. I’m with you! I love old churches, castle and houses too (the older the better), especially during the Christmas season when they are all decked-up! 🙂 And this one looks absolutely lovely!

  4. I’m the same too, I love old buildings – and so far the boys do too. We haven’t attempted it with the wee girl yet…! It’s so hard when it’s really wet isn’t it, there’s a limit to how much splashing in puddles you can watch before being wet just makes you miserable 🙂 I love that photo, it really emphasises the majesty of places like that x

  5. I love to visit those places too, the history with them is amazing! I’m not religious but I do enjoy the peace in Cathedrals, they are always so fascinating too. Lovely that your little girl enjoyed it and great that they have a little trail for children!

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