The Christmas Treasure Hunt

It’s November, the ads have started, so I’m feeling festive! We do love Christmas here and we are adding more family traditions every year as the children are growing up.

We have our Elf on the Shelf, Marty, and this year he’ll also bring Elfie’s Christmas letters with him, we go to John Lewis each year so the kids can each choose a new tree decoration, we have Christmas Eve stockings which include new PJs for that night, and we have our Muppet Christmas Carol Day.

This year, inspired by Dobbies and the cute new reindeer friend that they sent us (now named Dobbie and totally adored), we have decided to start a new tradition, the Christmas Treasure Hunt.

So whilst the kids were distracted by the Husband, I set about introducing the hunt to them and planting clues..

Christmas Treasure Hunt

Dobbie wanted to go on a hunt with them.

Finding the Treasure Hunt

There were red and green little notes hidden all over the house, so it was time to go on the trail, with Boo reading the clues, and Little Man desperately dashing about trying to find the next one!

Christmas Treasure Hunting

Christmas Treasure Hunting 1

It was a lot of fun to watch, and the kids adored it. Especially when they reached the end and found their treasure!

Christmas Treasure Hunt 1

In future years, we’ll do this on November 30th, ready to begin Advent, so they can find their Advent calendars this way. Always with Dobbie, of course. I like the idea of him arriving that day, heralding that the Christmas countdown is upon us and kicking it off with fun and craziness, dashing around the house!

Here are more ideas for you if you fancy starting up a new Christmas family tradition, too.

I’d love to hear about the Christmas traditions that your family has, do share…

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Dobbies

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14 thoughts on “The Christmas Treasure Hunt”

  1. What a lovely new tradition; I think it’s a great way for the kids to find their advent calenders and sets up the start of Christmas. Although mine are so very excited about Christmas anyway, they really can’t wait!

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