The Delights of a Tent!

We popped over to Ikea the other day, and while there, decided to buy the kids a play tent. Boo has always liked playing in them, so I knew it’d be a hit with her, and hoped it might entertain Little Man, too, for longer than 5 minutes…










It does! He was in and out, giggling, tickling, peeping, so he loves it! As does Boo, of course, but he had the rare pleasure of playing with something first, as she was at pre-school when it made it’s debut, so he had it all to himself for a few hours. I would definitely recommend that every household with a crazy toddler has one…though I should point out that it looks considerably larger in our home than it did in the shop! Oh well, it keeps him happy 🙂

And while all of this mayhem was going on, the poor dog looked on…


He used to have such a peaceful life!

Tent-play was also the perfect way for me to experiment with this week’s photography lesson all about light, as well as putting other learns into practice, as we were in and out, spotting silhouettes, shadows, lights, different angles and perspectives – I enjoyed playing around with it all and I know Little Man had fun  – can you tell from the photos? (And yes, I know some are rather blurry – he didn’t stay that still!) This tent has got to be the best money we’ve spent for a while, as both kids adore it – in it every day! Have you got one?

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31 thoughts on “The Delights of a Tent!”

  1. We saw that the other day-you’re right what’s not to love about it! Am resisting the temptation for an indoor tent as we have other similar things and plenty of outdoor ones, but if this weather continues much longer I may give in 🙂 loving the photo’s too.

  2. Love your tent, I need a good ikea visit pronto. lol Great pictures. I am still struggling with lighting but we are slowing making progress I think. Thanks for hostessing, and the lesson. Need all the tips I can get.

    1. It’s something I’m only now starting to see and understand, so I’ve a long way to go before being able to use it properly. Got to start somewhere, though!

  3. Gorgeous photos! What beautiful cheeky little boy you have!!
    That tent looks brilliant. I think Potato would love something like that, but I don’t have enough space inside at the moment. Maybe I’ll try and get one for the summer.
    I’ve frequently been a victim of the ‘Ikea Effect’, as D and I call it – things look a lot smaller in the Ikea showroom than they do when you get them home!!!

  4. Haven’t had a good walk round IKEA for ages, must do that soon… Need a bed for the wee girl, so time to have some fun with her room I think 🙂 Lovely photos, especially the one of Little Man looking up at you x

    1. Yes, I have that on my agenda for Little Man in a few months time – looking forward to it! Thank you, yes, I love that one, too 🙂

  5. Have you tried getting into the tent yet? We have the circus tent Ikea one and I made the fatal error of squashing myself in. Now they won’t let me out and want me to sit in there with them all the time! I spend a lot of time squished inside. Great fun though. PS Your dog is totally gorgeous!

  6. Oh I love your photo’s, you’re Little Man is so cute and so is the dog 🙂 I want a tent now, we had one before we moved but it was very girly, I’m sure my Little Man would like something more boyish 🙂

  7. I do love the tents you can get now. We put ours away as the girls were being silly in it and it was getting ripped and damaged, but it might be time to try again. Lovely photos – especially of the dog who looks most unimpressed! #PoCoLo

  8. Proof once again that it’s the simplest things in life that keep the kids happy. We had a little tent, but it was made out of cotton and started disintegrating during last years swelteringly hot summer. We went to put it up one day and it had massive moth-type holes in it! It’s difficult now to even conjure up memories of summer though… Love that little man enjoyed being the first one to play with the new thing, it’s almost as if they become aware of stuff like that overnight one day 🙂 #letkidsbekids

    1. He adores it, as does Boo. The only problem now is that it’s quite large but I don’t want to take it down as it keeps them so happy!

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