The Dog Decision

You may know that there has been a dog debate going on in our household for some time. It has been as simple as ‘Do we get a dog?’ And if so, when? This year, next year, in two years time? There’s a fair bit to debate, but we have finally reached a decision.

During the debating period, if you’re going through a similar thing, I have found that there is little point in drawing up a pros and cons list, as the cons ALWAYS outdo the pros with getting a dog. Have you ever drawn one up around this? I remember trying to talk the Husband into getting our last dog and it was hard! We always had a dog in our family home, literally always, there wasn’t a day without one during my childhood so it was completely natural to me, whereas he’d never had one. I knew the love and happiness you can get from having a dog, but without that you are left with a list that looks something like this:

It will cost you money, it will limit your freedom and it may well chew your belongings. It will wee and poo in your garden (and sometimes in your house!) and you have to clean up after it, you have to go out in all weathers with it, it might shed hair over your home and it will keep you up at night at times. There are expensive vet bills, the challenge of puppy training, the pain of loss when they do pass on…need I go on? It never reads well, but for all people that have owned dogs, these things do not measure up to how great it is. It is just as simple as that, so it often takes a leap of faith to own one for the first time.

It’s been four years this summer since we lost our hound, Harry. For so long I couldn’t ever imagine having another dog again, but slowly the pain has ebbed away and happy memories remain, memories that make me want a dog around me once more.

We are all happy with the breed that we want. Things like gender, names, routines and more have all been discussed. In most of these areas we are in agreement. I am ensuring that I am doing all of the research I possibly can into the breed and also into local groups so that the puppy gets the best start that it can.

So after lots of discussion, and believe me when I say we have been chatting about this for a while, we have decided that we do want another dog. Boo is desperate for a dog and has assigned herself my deputy puppy trainer! Little Man is OK with it, he tends to be more cautious with change. I think he needs to see that the puppy doesn’t destroy his toys first (and it might, so I need to be on top of that one!). The Husband and I love dogs, so are in part happy, in part know all that we are letting ourselves in for!

We’re in a fortunate position that I do work from home, and most of our free time is spent here or out at parks and National Trust sites, all dog-friendly so our new addition can come along with us. We have chatted to family about it all and we have people queuing up to take care of a dog if we need them to help out with things like holidays or longer day trips.

Puppies are hard work, I know this, I remember this. I am refreshing myself reading some great books (naturally) and I have been chatting to several breeders and experts. I like to do my research, and I am feeling quite well prepared. I plan to clear my work schedule as best I can for a couple of weeks when puppy first arrives so I can devote my time to helping him settle in and working on that house-training.

But what about the actual pup? I have been chatting with the lovely breeder for a couple of weeks and she’s been so patient with all of my questions. We are going over to visit a litter this weekend, all being well, so I will be sure to report back.

In the meantime, we have about a million and one things we want to do around the home and garden before any new arrival. Remember those home interiors plans we have? Well, it looks like we’re about to have a very busy few weeks getting everything that we want to done…before a small fur-ball comes to destroy it all…!!

Have you got dogs? Or are you thinking of adding one to your household?

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4 thoughts on “The Dog Decision”

  1. I remember you losing Harry and I can imagine it can take a long time for your heart to be ready to welcome another dog into your lives. Part of me would like to have a dog but I’m not in the right place to cope with one at the moment and hubby is less keen (he is a cat person!) Good luck with finding the right dog and hope that he/she settles well into your family x

  2. I also remember you losing Harry…
    But they bring so much happiness and I KNEW you’d get another! We’ve got a gorgeous Cocker lab cross who chewed the strap off 9yo’s school shoe in her 2nd week home. And it was December… lesson learned! She’s still gorgeous though. Don’t forget the stairgate 😉

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