The End of an Era

I threw away my changing bag yesterday. It felt momentous and a huge milestone. It made me a little teary. The end of an era.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that life is getting easier as the kids get older. We can leave the house that little bit faster these days, go to restaurants without having to take entertainments, bibs, cups and more with us. It’s lovely seeing them growing up and becoming more independent, and they’re definitely easier to take out. I’m not broody for more children, I am not hoping for the baby days again.

But it still made me stop and think.

I remember choosing this bag. We’d had our Stokke bag with Boo, and with Little Man on the way, a new changing bag was one of the few ‘new’ things we were getting in the way of baby equipment and accessories. We’d kept everything else that we’d had with Boo, but thought it would be nice to get a new bag, one big enough to hold baby items as well as toddler snacks and bits and bobs. We bought it when I was around 5-6 months pregnant and I recall packing it carefully for the hospital.

As I emptied the bag out yesterday, I found dummy clips at the bottom that I’d forgotten all about, instantly transporting me back to Little Man’s baby days. I took out nappies and a change mat that he no longer needs, thanks to last week’s training going so well. My mind saw a teeny baby boy again, not the articulate boy looking so grown up stood in front of me.

I just felt a bit strange and a bit sad. For a little over six years I’ve had a changing bag. There’s barely been a day in all that time that I’ve left the house without one. It’s one of those items that I was keen to be rid of, with it’s bulk and all that it represents, but now that I am, it’s made me look back. Time just seems to have flown by. I no longer have babies, or even toddlers. My children are growing up.

So it’s goodbye, old friend. I’ll no doubt enjoy getting my handbags back out again, but for now at least, you will be missed.

changing bag

The pushchair tends to sit unused in the boot of the car these days. I know that will be next, but one thing at a time, I think.

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18 thoughts on “The End of an Era”

  1. That’s a real milestone. These things are always bittersweet. It’s great not having the bulk and weight of it, but I can totally understand how you feel nostalgic about it. I’m currently feeling sad that I only have one child at primary school now.

  2. It’s amazing how things you find can evoke such vivid memories, but sounds as if it’s time to make new memories and to dig out those handbags, or maybe you should have a new one 🙂

  3. It does feel so very strange to not think about making sure the change back is all stocked up for every time you leave the house, or that when walking down the street you don’t have the bulk of a change bag to drag along too.
    I know where you’re coming from; it’s the small things that remind us that our children are growing up so very quickly. Just as you get used to having a cot in the house they turn to a toddler bed; just as you get to grips with unfolding the pushchair with one hand they no longer need it. I cried when I got rid of my pushchair – but I think it’s ok to shed a tear, like you said it’s the end of an era

    1. It is each stage like that that makes you pause and look back, I think. Nice to do, bittersweet, and then you’re hurtling onwards again with them x

  4. Hi Jocelyn, it is a happy/sad time when the time comes to part with those baby things that are no longer needed. You have the right idea of focusing on how it will feel to hold a handbag again. I rebelled and used to carry the smallest bag I could get a way with, as I saw it my days of being a pack horse were over and it was time for my ‘Darlings’ to learn that too.


  5. It’s so bittersweet when these little changes come upon us, part of me can’t wait for us to be able to be rid of the nappies and the pushchair but then when it comes round it is sad…like you say, definitely the end of an era! I am in no rush for it to be upon us xx

  6. I know exactly what you mean, I bought a very small bag recently and it was another step forward as that now the children are a little older, I no longer need to carry the kitchen sink around everywhere. It is the end of an era though, so I understand your sadness

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