Boo and Little Man May 2021

The Final Few Weeks Of This School Year

There are mixed feelings in this household, as we go into the final few weeks of this school year.

The kids are actually home with me today, teacher training day, and then they’ll be back to it tomorrow, into their last half term of this year. 

Little Man has been asking me just how many weeks he has left of school. Don’t get me wrong, he enjoys it there, but he has his eye on those summer holidays! 

His favourite thing about school is being with his friends, and all being well, we’ll be sure to catch up with them and other out of school friends over the summer anyway. 

Boo, on the other hand, wants there to be months and months left before the summer break. She is embarking upon her final few weeks in primary school and she does not want them to end. 

Whilst she is looking forward to her next school, that’s currently paling in comparison to how sad she will be to leave her current school. 

Boo and Little Man May 2021

It has been yet another strange school year.

Year 6 and Year 3 for my two. They were fortunate to manage to get through all of the autumn term and they so loved being back with their friends and teachers after weeks and weeks at home. 

Then of course, we had the first part of this year remote learning, and then a couple of weeks after they finally got back to it, Little Man’s year group bubble burst. Then it was the Easter break a few days after he got back.  

There is then that constant exhausting possibility that their bubbles could do down at any point. 

But, they’re enjoying it and I am working as much as I can when they are at school, just in case suddenly, they are not! 

My girl has a school trip coming up that she’s very excited about, and then a secondary school transition day to look forward to. There are then a few leavers’ activities that are sure to be exciting and emotional in equal parts, for her and for me!

Little Man is just all about playing football at lunchtime, so he just needs the sun to keep on shining and he’ll be fine! 

Hopefully they will have sports days, albeit without us parents attending, find out about their new teachers, have fun end of year activities and we might get to go along to a parents’ evening in person, if all goes well. 

I just know this half term is going to fly by and we’ll have the summer break upon us before we know it. I want to make some fun plans for that, rules and restrictions permitting, so I’ll soon get my thinking cap on. 

So here’s to the final few weeks of this school year. May they be fun, full and free of burst bubbles! 

Are your kids already looking forward to the summer break?

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2 thoughts on “The Final Few Weeks Of This School Year”

  1. Ahh! It really is going to be a few big weeks for your girl with her leaving primary school.
    It sounds like both of your kids are doing really well at school despite the tough year we’ve all had. x

    1. It really is, I am preparing myself for it!
      They are, thanks. I just want them spending time with their friends and enjoying it, after the year we’ve had x

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