The First of Many Adventures

For months we’ve been saying we’d like to join the National Trust, and so we decided that that’s what we’d have as a Christmas gift. A few days after Christmas, I got us all signed up and so ever-eager, we were off on an adventure to our first property at the weekend.

We chose Baddesley Clinton, as it was relatively close to us, and both the house and gardens were open for us to have a mooch around.ย On arrival, it was raining (of course!) so we made our way straight over to the house.

Baddesley Clinton

Boo was delighted on entering, as there was a children’s trail, where they had to find 12 candy canes dotted about the house. I do like things like this, as it keeps her engaged, but whilst I wanted to roam, linger and soak up each room, once she’d found her cane, she was off!


It was a beautiful manor, and as a bit of fun at the end, there was a dressing up box. Boo went for a hat and scarf, while Little Man took the opportunity to have a sit down..


Luck was on our side, as as we came outside, the rain dried up so that we could stroll and explore the grounds, paintings, and all complete with puddles, of course…

Baddesley Clinton Grounds

There is a lovely walled garden there, though it looked a little bleak on a soggy January day…

Baddesley Clinton Garden

I’m really looking forward to returning when the flowers are in full bloom, and I’ll bring you more colourful photos then. It’ll also be lovely to take a picnic and enjoy the extensive grounds and walks.ย And maybe, just maybe, the kids will stay still long enough for me to properly explore the little second-hand bookstore they have there..


All in all, it was a lovely afternoon out. It was great to have somewhere like this to be able to go and discover together.

And OK, so we’re only one visit in so far, but I just know that this is going to be my favourite Christmas present ๐Ÿ™‚ย We’re just deciding on where to go next now!

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47 thoughts on “The First of Many Adventures”

  1. This looks great – when we were in the UK we had Historic Scotland and National Trust memberships and we loved them. I love the photo of Boo in the hat and Little Man having a rest, and I would like a browse in that book shop too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. We had a membership for NTScotland a few years ago, and it was really good. We didn’t make enough use of it though, and I regret that now. We haven’t renewed it because it’s a luxury we can’t afford right now, but when Mini Milk gets old enough to enjoy days out like that I think I’ll look into it again.

    1. We’ve never had it before, but I knew we’d make use of it now that the kids are a little older, so it was the first and practically only thing I put on my Christmas list!

  3. I love the peace and history of visiting these old houses, but I remember loathing them when I was a child and my parents wanted to linger – I just couldn’t see the point! So it’s good to know the National Trust are making an effort to inspire children. I especially like it when they have a children’s audio tape – I sometimes take those instead of the adult ones – you find out so many little interesting anecdotes that way

  4. Such a great gift for all the family to enjoy. I’m sure you will have great fun and adventures exploring proprieties and beautiful grounds all year round. Thanks for linking and sharing your first adventure and lovely photos with Country Kids.

  5. Love the idea of a candy cane trail – so clever and yet simple. It’s great when there are ways to keep little ones amused too. I’m sure it is a place you will visit again and again now you’ve got membership and it will be wonderful to see it change with the seasons. #CountryKids

  6. If I could drive this is something I would definitely make use of. I just couldn’t get about on public transport with a pram and a toddler on my own. Looks like you’re going to have a lot more fun to come xx #shareitsundays

    1. Yes, it is easier if driving, as some of these places are a little remote. Hopefully you’ve some fab places near to you have fun at anyway x

  7. I am waiting for Isla to get that little bit older before we start exploring these sorts of places. Although she would probably enjoy running around the grounds. It looks amazing. I love history and the history of properties – it is fantastic. They look like they had lots of fun x

    1. It was good fun, though yes, it was better for Boo, at 4, than Little Man in the house as he was just careering about! Thanks x

  8. That happens to be one of my favourite National Trust houses, I just love it there. You will find so many wonderful places to visit now that you are a member, it is definitely worth every penny. Enjoy your family times together.

    1. It’s just lovely, and I’m so looking forward to going back through the seasons to enjoy the gardens. I’m certain we’ll get our monies worth! Thanks x

  9. I understand how hard it must have been to drag yourself away from that bookshop! This is our first year in the National Trust and loving it. Just need more time!

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