The Frisbee Lesson

Regular readers will know that we spent last weekend in Bewdley, staying with my brother and his wife. It was a lovely weekend, and Boo hasn’t stopped asking if we can go back there and stay again since!

My brother obviously knows his niece, as he had a great afternoon planned for us, which involved getting out into the fresh air. It had rained all morning, but luckily the sun came out for us after lunch, so we got out there.

We walked a fair old way alongside the river, which mean that Little Man’s pushchair took a bit of a beating with mud and leaves getting repeatedly stuck in the wheels, but we soldiered on, down muddy paths and across mole-hill-covered fields, until we reached the open expanse that my brother was looking for, right by the river, too. It was beautiful.


And then he got on to teaching Boo how to play Frisbee, and she was loving it!..


..while I looked after Little Man and provided him with snacks..


There ‘might’ have been a Frisbee to the face incident, but Boo soldiered on!, and Little Man’s pushchair ‘might’ have been hit a couple of times, though the child himself remained safe! These Frisbees are tricky to predict sometimes, you know! It was nice to see Boo playing something new and as you can imagine, she was running all over the place so it went some way to tiring her out for the day (though I’ve yet to find an activity that totally exhausts her – any ideas?!)

And after the fun and games? Off to the pub for a warm up and some cake 🙂

As you can see, we wrapped up warm and donned our wellies, as a change in the seasons isn’t going to stop us from having our outdoor fun!

How about you? Is the weather putting pay to some of your outings?

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28 thoughts on “The Frisbee Lesson”

  1. We love frisbees on the beach so long as it’s fairly quiet and not too windy. I haven’t been to Bewdley for such a long time, I need to make the effort. Well done for getting out and about in the cold

    1. Oh yes, there was no-one to be seen so all was safe! Thanks – I find once we’re wrapped up, it’s fun to get out 🙂

  2. Good on your brother! My nephew (who’s in college) taught my son how to throw a frisbee last summer – and he now loves throwing it whenever we’re near a big open space. (And frankly now rather good!) I find it’s a simple but fun thing for kids to do outdoors.

  3. Looks like a lovely spot! Isn’t it great when you come across the little things your children haven’t’ experienced and you get to see them having so much fun?! The weather isn’t stopping us getting out but my big baby bump is, we have to go very, very slow 🙂 I love the crisp days at this time of year when you can wrap up and get outside, your little man looks very cosy.

    1. Oh yes, big bumps will definitely slow you down! And then if it’s cold and you can’t do your coat up over it – annoying! It is nice to explore new things together and she definitely liked it!

    1. Oh no – hope it wasn’t too bad and the injured party is recovered! It is great to get out, but that mud can be tricky!

    1. So simple, but she just loved it. To be honest, being outside & playing with her aunt and uncle were all she needed, and the Frisbee just topped it off 🙂

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