The Fudge Addiction!

A few weeks ago I decided to try making my own fudge. I spotted a simple looking recipe on TikTok and thought it’d be fun to give it a go. It was simple, and now we are dealing with the fudge addiction in our house.

The problem is, I think, that it is just so very easy to make. And it’s cheap. And it’s fun. And it tastes so good!

We’ve made a few batches now, and we have the ingredients ready for our next lot.

We have tried Mini Eggs, Mars and Boost fudge and we will be giving Twix fudge a go next.

It takes us less than ten minutes to make it and then it sets in the fridge in just a few hours and it’s good to eat. Very good to eat.

If you want to give it a go too (at your own risk of developing the fudge addiction, I have warned you), all you need is:

400g milk chocolate bars

1 can of condensed milk (they’re typically 397g)

Fudge flavour of your choice – perhaps 2-3 Boost bars, Mars bars, a couple of bags of Mini Eggs, that sort of thing. 

Optionally – a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

Then it’s nice and easy to do.

Pop the broken up milk chocolate bars in a microwaveable bowl and heat for 1 minute.

Stir the starting to melt chocolate and add in the tin of condensed milk. Heat it for 1 more minute.

While that’s heating, line a loaf tin with greaseproof paper.

When the microwave pings, stir and it should be a gloopy chocolatey mess now. 

Add your vanilla essence in if you want to. 

Cut up your chosen fudge flavour. Sprinkle some in the bottom of the lined tin to ensure even distribution. Add most of the rest of it to the chocolate mixture and stir. Save a little back as a topping. 

Pour/spoon your mixture into the tin and sprinkle anything you have left on top.

Place it in the fridge for round 4 hours and it should be done. Just slice it up when you’re ready and enjoy!

It tastes very sweet and chocolatey, as I’m sure you’d guess from those ingredients, so if you’ve a sweet tooth you are going to love this.

The kids can’t get enough of it and as it’s so easy to make, they’ve both made a batch themselves now.

They like to think about different flavours we can try, and so far they’ve all been a hit. I think Snickers fudge would be amazing, but my daughter doesn’t like nuts so I can’t do that one. But I’m sure one of you will try it and tell me how good it is. I am happy to take flavour suggestions too, and then I’ll let the kids choose what else they want to try. 

The fudge addition has well and truly taken hold here, and I see no end to it!

Is this one you’ve tried before? Or will you give it a go now?

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4 thoughts on “The Fudge Addiction!”

    1. Yes, do it! Yes, you need 400g of chocolate, which is usually 4 bars of it over here. Let me know if you try it!

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