The Golf Lesson

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The Husband had Monday off, to have a nice long weekend, and to make up for family-time lost as he was out much of the Saturday playing golf. So when Little Man had his nap, Boo decided she wanted a little one on one time with Daddy and requested a golf lesson.

Fortunately, it stayed dry, if a little chilly, for them to spend some time out in the garden, practising her technique!

golf lesson

They were out there for about half an hour, and she did try hard. She tells me that she has learned how to hold the club properly, and that she has to watch where she’s aiming for – not bad for her first lesson, I think.

It was lovely to see them both working together, and on something that the Husband enjoys so much. Always has me wondering (and hoping) whether she’ll develop her Daddy’s sporting talents, rather than mine, or lack thereof! Well, at least we’ll have our love of reading in common..!

What hobbies do your little ones enjoy with you?

Disclosure This is a collaborative post




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50 thoughts on “The Golf Lesson”

  1. Your husband may kill me for saying this…see if he can get her to the driving range! We take our boys there and they love it. We either have breakfast before we hit the range or a hot chocolate after. My husband and I even get to hit the balls every now and then ourselves.

  2. How lovely and very sweet. I’m so pleased that eldest enjoys cycling so much as I do too and I love going out together on our bikes-in fact she’s amazed me with her determination to get on her bike in almost any weather too.

    1. It’s great to see them grow and their interests develop like this. She loves drawing, too, another of her daddy’s talents. Maybe she’ll take after me at some point, too…!

  3. What a wonderful post Jocelyn, great photos of the two of them together too. Sounds like she did really well with her first lesson – she certainly looks good! The PODfather would love POD to play. For now we’ll just stick with gymnastics – she was so bad today for the last 15 mins I got a well done sticker LOL! Fabulous post, thank for sharing #whatsthestory

    1. She did! My family’s a rugby family, but my husband is more golf and football, so we’ll see what they choose as they get older…

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