Twycross Zoo The Great Brick Safari zebras

The Great Brick Safari at Twycross Zoo

Over the weekend we were invited to visit Twycross Zoo, as they are now home to The Great Brick Safari until 7th January 2019.

Twycross Zoo The Great Brick Safari

The Great Brick Safari brings over 70 lifesized LEGO® Brick animals to Twycross Zoo. This on top of all of the real animals, meant the kids were desperate to get there and get spotting them all!

Twycross Zoo The Great Brick Safari zebras

On arrival, we were also told they are running a trail with the animals, so the children were given little A6 booklets to complete. Is it just my kids who lose their minds over a trail!?! I mean, this just added to the thrills of the day for them, and they both loved filling their booklets out as they went around the zoo. They were fun to do, as along with encouraging them to look out for certain animals and complete a few tasks, they also needed to think about the characteristics of various animals and jot down their ideas about them. It was so lovely to see Little Man doing this alongside his big sister, they were both completely engaged with it. So much so that their trail booklets have gone into school with them this week as they were both eager to share them with their friends in Show and Tell!

Twycross Zoo The Great Brick Safari trail

The brick builds were so impressive. All are lifesized, and include little signs with them telling us how many bricks were used and how many hours went into each build. Oh, the hours these took! But you can totally see why as they do look absolutely brilliant. To give you an idea, Gorman the Gorilla is made up of 33,000 bricks and took 480 hours to build, just wow!

Twycross Zoo The Great Brick Safari gorilla

Of course, the Great Brick Safari was only a part of the fun. The kids made full use of every adventure playground that they encountered on our way around the zoo, and then there were all of the animals to visit. As we visit Twycross Zoo quite regularly, both Boo and Little Man know their way around pretty well now and know where their favourite animals are. They run from area to area, keen to say ‘hi’ and spot their favourites. It’s also lovely to see them settling in to watch the animals, as they always do when visiting Chimpanzee Eden.

Twycross Zoo Chimpanzee Eden

Twycross Zoo butterfly

Twycross Zoo guinea pigs

We love the pets area and butterfly house, the Gibbon Forest, the pygmy marmosets, the zebras, the giraffes, spotting the zoo babies, the play areas…oh, OK, we love it all!

Twycross Zoo are also running Boo at the Zoo running from 27th October until 4th November, so there’s plenty to see. I do feel that they have lots going on at the zoo, as along with improving so many of the enclosures and attractions, they are also regularly adding in events such as the new Great Brick Safari, Boo at the Zoo, and I spotted that they are running their Breakfast with Santa again this year. Loads of reasons to visit!

Would your family enjoy The Great Brick Safari?

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  1. That sounds amazing and what a fun addition to the real animals. We have never been to Twycross before but my LEGO obsessed daughter would love that, so I will have to add it to our ‘to do’ list.

  2. This looks like a great day out for the whole family! Lovely photos! Wow, I’m impressed that Gorman the Gorilla is made up of 33 thousand bricks, that is pretty cool. I’m glad you all had a wonderful time, thank you for sharing Jocelyn! <3 xx

    Bexa |

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