The Happy Paper Club Box

Today I’m delighted to be sharing with you the gorgeous Happy Paper Club subscription box that made its way to me last week, from the lovely Gabrielle at the green gables.

Happy Paper Club is a monthly stationery subscription service that delivers boxes filled with papery goodness, happy and inspirational messages, and more to boost your happiness and spread a little joy.

Well it’s pretty well-known here that stationery through the post is going to bring me joy! The box fits through the letter box and inside the package is a beautifully wrapped bundle in tissue paper. I’d like to tell you that I carefully unravelled it, but truth is, I eagerly tore at it!

Happy Paper Club

The box contents vary every month, though this will give you a good feel for the items and quality that you’re likely to receive. If you take out a subscription, boxes are £10 per month including postage.

In this month’s box we have a letter writing set, a pocket notebook, a postcard with an envelope, a mini print inspirational quotation and 4 cute little magnets. You just want to see it all, don’t you? Oh, OK then…

Happy Paper Club letter writing set

Happy Paper Club postcard and notebook

Happy Paper Club quote and magnets

It is all utterly delicious! The paper feels thick and it’s lovely to write on, the designs are happy and cheerful and the magnets bright and shiny. It is a little bit of happiness through the post.

I think for me, my favourite item is the letter writing set. Writing sets are always my weakness where stationery is concerned, I do struggle to resist buying them whenever I see them! This one is so pretty with the four different designs of paper, here’s a closer look at them for you…

Happy Paper Club paper

As the title implies, this is a stationery box with a difference. As well as the simple fact that stationery makes you happy (of course) there is a positivity and joyfulness running through the designs and ethos behind the box. Gabrielle’s stationery range is packed full of happiness, from Happy Jars to Positive Pants stickers and along with offering stationery and the Happy Paper Club, she also runs Happiness ecourses and regularly blogs about it. Included with the box this month is a little note about finding the joy in everyday, which I think is a lovely addition and the passion and enthusiasm behind it is infectious.

In short, it’s a box sure to make you smile. Thanks, Gabrielle.

Disclosure: I received the box FOC for the purposes of this post, though all words and opinions remain my own

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9 thoughts on “The Happy Paper Club Box”

  1. Oh I love a stationery subscription box! And that is so pretty 🙂 I do love it when you get a random selection sent to you, makes unpacking loads of fun! Xx

  2. Jocelyn,
    Lovely stationery box subscription there. I love it when you receive something by surprise only to find more surprising messages inside 🙂 Might go for this too.


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