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The House Plants Everyone Should Own

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Today I want to talk about one of my favourite things, house plants. I want to chat about the house plants that everyone should own, the plants that are easy to care for and great for every home.

I will begin this post by acknowledging that I probably have more house plants than anyone really needs. You can check out a few of them in Easy House Plant Display Ideas. I know this, I accept this. I’ll just recommend a few today, you don’t really need dozens! And if you’re new to house plants, you might find this easy ways to get started with house plants guide to be useful. 

It is tricky to narrow them down as I have a fair few house plants. I have gone with those plants that don’t give me any trouble (I’m looking at you calatheas) and also make me smile. These plants should be low maintenance and also gorgeous and decorative.

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Boston Fern

First up on the list, and the one I deliberated over the most.

It is on the list because I love mine. I think these are beautiful looking plants that make a great addition to a room. 

They are not necessarily ‘easy care’, however, if you find the right spot for them in your home, then they do become easy care. These plants just need to be in the right environment in order to thrive.

They love bright light, but don’t like to get too hot, and they enjoy plenty of humidity or their beautiful leaves will dry out.

Mine is very happy, growing larger day by day I think, living on a shelf in our bathroom. 

house plants aglaonemas

Rubber Plant

I have a couple of varieties of rubber plant and I love them both. I have the Ficus Elastica and the Ficus Tineke

You can pick these up as small plants to pop on your desk or larger varieties that can be placed on the floor and brighten a corner. 

If you want them to grow, they certainly will, just keep on feeding them and potting them on, or leave them in smaller pots if you want to restrict their growth. 

Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen)

I have got both of my Aglaonemas this year and I can feel a collection coming on!

As with the other plants on this list, they are easy to look after and can handle a variety of light conditions, though they prefer bright indirect light. 

These are very pretty to look at and there are plenty of varieties you can choose from. I think I need one or two more. 


I’ve popped this one on the list as they tend to be fast growing if well fed and they are an easy to care for trailing plant. 

They will thrive in light, not too hot conditions, and be mindful of the amount of direct sunlight they get as this can alter their colouring. 

These are resilient plants. I have recently cut mine right the way back as they were getting a little large for the space they were in and they are already coming back strong. 

These are also very easy to propagate so if you fancy trying your hand and creating a few new plants, these are a great place to start. 

There are different varieties, and yes, I have a couple of different ones. 

Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant)

Possibly my favourite plant of all. And as I make this bold statement, several other plants are flitting through my mind! But no, I will stick with this claim. 

This is an easy to care for plant. It has never given me a moment’s trouble and it continues to throw out new leaves regularly. 

This can be a statement plant as it can grow to be quite large and really own the space that it is in. And it looks fabulous. 

Every home should have one! 

I told myself I would just pick five house plants for this post. Five plants is a reasonable amount to own and to take care of. No-one really needs more than five do they? I have more than five, a lot more than five, so if you are hankering for maybe six or seven, perhaps check out a Long Leaf Fig and a Spider Plant. You know, if you’re looking for more. Another? Okay, don’t miss out on a Chinese Money Plant or a String of Pearls. And I will stop there. I must stop there! 

Also, a quick note about the linked products here. I buy my plants from a variety of places, usually supermarkets, garden centres and online, so not all of mine are the links I have included here. However, I have bought several plants from the store I have linked to, including one of my Aglaonemas, and have always been very happy with them. 

What do you think of these choices? Do you have any of these? Will you kick start your collection with any of them? 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and This is a collaborative post

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