The Ideal Family Car

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What makes the ideal family car? What would you look for when buying one? This is a chat I’ve actually had on two separate occasions recently.

My brother and his wife need a new car as theirs is just starting to get to that point of costing them money in repairs. They don’t have kids yet, though are thinking they might start a family in a couple of years and don’t want to have to change their car again then. So they are on the lookout now, needing it to work for them now as a commuting vehicle, and in the future as a family car. Two quite conflicting needs, really, but my brother’s a smart one, so I’m sure he’ll figure it out!

A good friend of mine is ready to trade her car in, too, and as a family of four, with a 5 year old and 9 month old, they’re used to needing a family car. We were chatting over her options and what she’ll be looking for next. She’ll take her car in, arrange the finance, and see what she can get. She’s actually thinking of getting a smaller car this time, as her husband will soon be getting an estate vehicle as his company car, so she only needs to do local runs in hers.

What makes the ideal family car

We love our car, as it ticks the boxes that we see as necessities for us. We like it to be roomy in the back for the kids, so that they’re as comfortable as possible when we’re out and about. There needs to be plenty of boot space for the pushchair, as I like to be able to quickly and easily pop it in, without having to jiggle it about for it to fit just so. Personally, I like my driving position to be quite high, so SUVs and Crossovers are always my preferred choice. I like the ease of popping the kids in and out at that height, too, and there’s plenty of headroom making it feel more spacious. But then comfort aside, I want it to be as affordable as possible, too, both to purchase and to run. Yes, I know, I want it all!

I guess as each family is different, each family car needs to be different.

What would be on your must haves list for the ideal family car?

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post

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6 thoughts on “The Ideal Family Car”

  1. I love my Golf as its big enough for all of us and probably will be ok with the new baby too. It’s just whether the buggy will fit in the boot, that’s definitely a criteria that needs to be met!

  2. Mud cakes and wine

    I love my little a class got it five years ago when I had my first it’s been a wonderful little car for both children and could just about fit my buggy. But now with number three on the way it’s got to be changed :0( and there is a new post about cars and three car seats!!!! Xxx

  3. Oh! Somehow I can’t stop looking at the first picture. That Volvo is a dream car! Our car would have to be big enough to fit the four of us comfortably. Also, I prefer “silent cars” those that feel as if you are inside a space ship without noise coming from outside.
    That Volvo…(emoji with heart eyes!)


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