The Pen Pal Pack

The Pen Pal Pack

A happy mail pack full of fun pages for your pen pals and practical help to get you snail mailing today!

What if you had everything you needed to send mail to your pen pal, all in one place and with fun themes and tags? 

The Pen Pal Pack gives you everything you need, pen pal printables from writing paper to fun pen pal templates and tags, along with checklists to help you to pen pal.

The Pen Pal Pack

Do you sometimes struggle with what to write to your pen pal?

Are you looking for some ways to send fun mail and tags to your pen pals?

Have you been snail mailing for a while and love the hobby and want more stationery?

Do you LOVE sending happy mail and are always on the lookout for something new to enjoy? 

Are you new to pen pals and would love a complete pack to give you the confidence to get writing? 

What if there was a pack that gives you all of this, from new stationery to fun tags to handy tips? Because, yes, you’ve guessed it, this is what The Pen Pal Pack can do for you! 

This is why I created The Pen Pal Pack. I know that many people are always on the lookout for fresh happy mail stationery and ideas, something new to send to their longstanding pen pals. And I know that some people struggle with what to write and send from time to time, or would benefit from a complete pack to give them the confidence to get started with snail mail. 

Get all that you need to send pretty and enjoyable mail to your pen pal in an instant. 

What’s included in The Pen Pal Pack?

For your pen pals
– 2 Designs – Cups and Flowers
– Writing paper, both blank and lined versions
– An ‘About Me’ sheet
– A mail tag
– A ‘Would you rather..?’ sheet
– A ‘Currently…’ sheet

To help you with your happy mail
– A happy mail tracker
– A pen pal log
– A ‘What to write’ guide
– A ‘Set up your happy mail’ checklist

Imagine if you can print off all that you need to get writing right now? Well, yes, yes you can!



Pen Pal Fun Packs Now Available!

Got The Pen Pal Pack already? Perhaps you are looking for an alternative design, or maybe a children’s pen pal pack?

There is now a range of Pen Pal Fun Packs in store, along with The Children’s Pen Pal Pack, go check them out and do keep on popping back for new designs! Here’s a little peek at a few of them..

Pen Pal Printables

Pen Pal Fun Pack House Plants

Take a closer look here at one of the Pen Pal Fun Packs. This also shows how handy they are for theming all of your mail and crafting some super simple envelope art as well as writing wonderful letters and fun post!

Who am I?

I’m Jocelyn, author of this blog and long time happy mailer.

I have around twenty pen pals, scattered all over the globe, and I love sending and receiving good old-fashioned snail mail. I like to help others to develop this wonderful hobby, too, which is why this blog has plenty of pen pal ideas and inspiration and I share more over on my YouTube channel. I want to help people to find that sense of connection again that only really comes from taking the time to slow things down and write to friends old and new.

I also run the Bring Back Paper Facebook group, where plenty of kindred souls congregate and chat all things paper, it’s one of my internet happy places!


As soon as you buy it, it’s yours for life! Print as much stationery as you want from this and spread that happy mail. 

All designs are set to be printed on A4 paper, I would recommend 100gsm or above to give you the best possible print quality for your new stationery.

The Pen Pal Pack includes 20 A4 pages, 18 templates and 2 checklists. 

All that you will need in addition to this pack will be a pen, envelope and postage stamps (although I would always recommend a little washi tape or stickers to decorate that envelope!)

Due to the digital nature of this product, the product is non-refundable. 

Buy The Pen Pal Pack Here

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