The Pinkertons, A Brand New Drama

Just about the only thing that makes the end of summer drawing near acceptable to me is that television programmes get a lot better as the colder months loom. I start to take more of an interest flicking through TV guides, looking out for anything new that appeals.

The Pinkertons, a period crime drama set in 1860s Kansas City, is a show that would definitely catch my eye. It’s starting soon exclusively on UKTV Drama.

The Pinkertons is an action adventure detective series, set in the Wild West. It’s based on a true story, with episodes inspired by real life cases. Allan Pinkerton was the founder of the Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency, and he was known for revolutionising detective work by creating numerous forensic technologies. Credited with being the originator of the fingerprint, the mug shot, the use of surveillance and undercover work, he was a founding father of detective work.

The Pinkertons

Perhaps Pinkerton’s greatest asset and boldest pioneering move was training and employing a woman. Kate Warne was ahead of her time as America’s first female detective, intelligent, resourceful and able to go undercover comfortably – who would ever suspect a woman? You can pop on over to Drama’s website and read about how the stories in the series relate to the true events from over one hundred and fifty years ago.

The Pinkertons - Picture shows: (L-R) Angus Macfadyen as Allan Pinkerton, Martha MacIsaac as Kate Warne, Jacob Blair as William Pinkerton
The Pinkertons – Picture shows: (L-R) Angus Macfadyen as Allan Pinkerton, Martha MacIsaac as Kate Warne, Jacob Blair as William Pinkerton

I’ve had a sneak preview of the first episode in the series. As someone who enjoys historical books and TV it drew me straight in. As US history is not really a strength of mine, I am looking forward to watching something with that as a backdrop. Of course, it’s really the characters in a show that need to capture you so that you keep on watching. Based on the episode that I’ve seen, Kate is a strong and intelligent female lead playing well alongside William Pinkerton, the founder’s son, with some undercurrents that should make for interesting and fun plot developments. It’s a relaxing drama, with a great premise and delivered with plenty of action and a good dose of humour. I will be watching to see where it goes….

You can catch The Pinkertons on UKTV Drama from 30th August, 8pm every Sunday. You can find out more by following UKTV Drama on Twitter and Facebook.

Do you like the sound of this one?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with UKTV Drama

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