The Pirates League at Disney World

Today I wanted to share a little about our experience at the Pirates League at Disney World a few weeks ago.

After I booked our holiday, I started to look into other extra packages and attractions that would make it extra special. A treat to look forward to in the middle of the holiday. I knew about the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique offering makeovers for princesses and knights, but I wasn’t convinced my two would enjoy it. Then I spotted the Pirates League and I thought it’d be right up their street.

Both of the kids love the Pirates of the Caribbean films, so I could see them enjoying getting dressed up as pirates, and the rest of the experience. There are several package options available, and girls can opt for the Empress pirate look or to become mermaids – Boo wanted to be a swashbuckling pirate, of course!

The Pirates League is in Adventureland, in the Magic Kingdom, next to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It’s easy to spot there, and there’s a desk right out the front to go and check in at and let them know you’re there and ready.

It is more than just the makeover here. On entering, you’re taken to a huge barrel that needs turning to throw out some dice that will indicate what your new pirate name will be. My two are now also known as Rachel Gunskull and Gerard Singeskull! They are then led through to have their pirate makeovers where they can also choose the look that they would like and agree little details such as nail colours, and accessories.

A Pirates League Disney World

After getting made up, the pirates’ oath needs to be sworn.

The newly sworn in pirates are then given their sashes and cutlasses before being taken through to a secret room and acquiring pirate treasure! They then get to sit on the pirates throne.

All good fun! The cast members were great in there and there’s a good atmosphere whilst the kids get made over, with plenty of banter flying all around the room.

All pirated up (that’s a word, right?), the kids then took on A Pirates Adventure around Adventureland.

These are free treasure hunts, with five available to do, involving maps, Magic bands and interactive exhibits. We saw Tim Tracker doing it, and this video explains it well. The cabin for this is also in Adventureland and opens up from midday each day.

I am so glad that we did this, as it was something a little different for them to remember doing. We did also use our gift card from opting out of Mousekeeping during our stay, so it was nice for that to pay for something as special as this. A huge bonus that that then made it free! It was good to tie it in with A Pirates Adventure, keeping the pirates theme going.

I would say that if you’re looking into this, make sure you call up and book it early so that you can ensure appointments and to make sure it fits into your other plans conveniently. Oh, and the face paint does not come off easily, so be prepared to scrub at those little faces at bedtime!

Have you done this? What did your kids think?

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The Pirates League at Disney World

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