The Present Hoard

Today I’ve added another goodie to the present hoard. I love my little present store! It’s an easy way to spread the cost of gift buying, grab things when they’re on offer and ensure I’m organised and prepared!

Little Man’s first birthday is in September and Boo’s is October, and presents for both are sorted. It does help that as they’re so young I can pretty much buy them anything I think they’ll enjoy, without the worry that they’ll beg for something completely different a week before their birthdays!

My latest addition to the hoard was a Nosey Norman book for Little Man. Boo has got Ernie the Eye Monster, of the same series, which he loves and giggles at every time we read it, so when I saw Norman in The Works for £2.99, I grabbed it (I do love the bargains in The Works, and my first job was actually for them, so I do like them :-)).

nosey norman

As well as things for the children, I buy for other kids throughout the year, so if I see a 50% ELC sale on, chances are I’ll pick something up for someone! Even better, I can shop there via Kidstart – my bargain hunter nature gets very excitable at this prospect!

Obviously, I always have cards and gift wrap in, too! That’d clearly be something I’d recommend bulk buying, too – cheaper that way and you’d be well prepared.. 😉

So what about you? Do you have a present storage area?

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6 thoughts on “The Present Hoard”

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  2. I have a huge present hoard 🙂

    I try and buy most things ahead, I find it saves a lot of money and I get things when I see something someone would like, or they mention they like something – rather than rushing close to xmas / birthday so I think it makes my gifts more thoughtful too.

    I started off with just a drawer, but it has now spread to a chest of drawers in the spare room, the top of our wardrobe and a chest of drawers in the loft!

    I have gifts for specific people and also some generic ones for last minute. It is all organised in a spreadsheet too so I don’t forget what I have, how much I have spent already or where it is.

    How sad do I sound haha? I just like to be prepared! L x

    1. Some may say sad, I say amazing! I was with you all the way until the spreadsheet – that I don’t have! Might need one, though…!

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