The Readings Read – August

As the end of the month is rolling round again, I’m sharing the books that have been favourite reads for each member of the Reading household in August..

dinosaur roarLittle Man – Dinosaur Roar (Paul & Henrietta Stickland)

He loves this! It’s inspired his first birthday theme, and he now has a triceratops cake awaiting for him in a couple of days time, complete with dinosaur candles! It’s a great book to read, very simple, and illustrates opposites on each page – for example, ‘dinosaur roar, dinosaur squeak..’ This book is made even more special as it was initially my nephew’s favourite book (he’s now 17, so he no longer reads it quite so regularly!), which was then passed to his brother, then to Boo and now to Little Man. And surprisingly, it’s still in good condition!

the dinosaur that pooped ChristmasBoo – The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas (Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter)

Hmm. Now, you may be thinking, oh look, a dinosaur theme here. Or you may be thinking ‘why is she reading Christmas books already?’ Well, the truth is, the dinosaur and Christmas theme are almost irrelevant here, as it’s the ‘pooped’ bit that’s grabbed her attention. Her aunt bought her this book for her last Christmas, which she did enjoy then, and off and on has asked for it throughout this year. This month, it seems that poop is hilarious – ‘Why did the monkey cross the road? So he could do a poo’ is apparently hilarious and one of many poo-related jokes that she has been delivering to us at the dinner table recently. Joy.

the ice princessMe – The Ice Princess (Camilla Lackberg)

I wrote a post earlier this month talking about my favourite reading genres and encouraging people to share theirs with me (if you’ve not yet read and shared, please do so now – I love hearing about what everyone’s reading). I very rarely read thrillers or crime, but after a chat on Twitter with the lovely SlummyMummy, in response to my post, I thought I’d give Scandinavian crime drama whirl, and this is where she recommended I start. I’m so pleased that I had that chat as this has been my favourite read this month, and has opened me up to a new author and a whole new genre! I do like to choose books once in a while that I wouldn’t normally pick up, to keep broadening my horizons and keep things interesting. It can be pretty hit and miss, but this one’s most definitely been a hit with me. Highly recommended!

gone tomorrowThe Husband – Gone Tomorrow (Lee Child)

Of course – the next Lee Child book from last month’s favourite. He does enjoy them, I just hope Mr Child keeps on writing them! Can you guess what it’ll be for September yet?! Actually, he may just surprise you…

So, please do share – what books have been popular in your house this month?

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