The Readings Read – December

Another month, another pile of books! These have been our favourites this month:

itngbookLittle ManIn the Night Garden Buggy Book

Regular readers will know about Little Man’s knew found love of Makka Pakka, and so we bought him a new board book for his pushchair, to go alongside his Dear Zoo book. It’d be fair to say that it’s a hit! We were out in the park the other day, but instead of watching his sister leaping about with her new kite, he sat and perused his new book 🙂

look inside your body


BooUsborne Look Inside Your Body

I bought her this for Christmas, and I have to say it’s been a huge hit! She looks through it regularly, and asks us to describe and explain things to her. It’s full of lift-the-flaps and is great at explaining how our bodies work. I enjoy it almost as much as she does!



MePersuasion by Jane Austen

I’ve read a couple of other books this month, but fancied a re-read, too, and picked up Persuasion. I ‘think’ Pride and Prejudice remains my favourite of Austen’s work, but then each time I read another, I like that one! I was glad I revisited this, and really enjoyed it.

blood and ashesThe HusbandBlood and Ashes by Matt Hilton

Yes, he’s back to his Joe Hunter series, by Matt Hilton. He really enjoys these books, and has now passed this on to my brother, as we bought him the first book in the series for Christmas. On then recommending them to his dad, it turns out that he’s already been reading them, too – popular books!



Please do share what you’ve been enjoying in the comments. Always love to get new recommendations 🙂

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