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The Rug Retailer Review

Today I want to share with you details of the latest interiors addition to our home, this is my The Rug Retailer review. 

I was sent a rug free of charge for the purposes of this post

When the team over at The Rug Retailer got in touch with me with the offer to choose and review one of their rugs, it was the push that we needed. A perfectly timed review. 

You might remember that last year we had fun with our living room makeover. We decorated and we bought all new furniture, light fittings, soft furnishings, everything. We ripped up our old carpet and laid down new flooring. The final touch was actually the rug and there’s a reason that it was the final touch.

We struggled to find a rug that we both really loved. We just couldn’t quite picture the ones that we were looking at in our living room. Then when we could picture it, it just didn’t look right. Have you ever shopped for a rug? I find it really tricky! 

The Rug Retailer Rug

Anyway, eventually after going round and round in circles, we happened to be in a home decor store and they had a rug with the right sort of colours and the right sort of size on offer. We snapped it up, eager to finish our room off. 

The rug was absolutely fine. It toned in with the decor and furniture and the design was to our taste. It was okay, it did the job, but neither of us LOVED it. Which was a shame as we loved the other aspects of the room. 

Which means that getting a new rug at some point has been one of those things that we kept meaning to do. We knew we had settled, but given how much we struggled to find that rug, neither of us were too enthusiastic to embark on a rug shopping trip! And our current rug was fine, just fine. But fine wasn’t fabulous, was it? 

Which brings me to now. As now we do have fabulous. 

The Rug Retailer Review

The Rug Retailer Shopping Experience

The first thing that struck me when we started browsing The Rug Retailer was how easy it was to shop with them. 

Their products can be filtered in so many different ways, by brand, by colour, by size and by price. This enabled us to quickly zone in on the rugs that would best suit our room.

We used all of the filter options, bar brand, and managed to find a few that might work well for us. They were the right sort of size and the colours looked like they might work well in our living room.

The Rug Retailer pile

We then stumbled across THE rug, the one that seemed to call out to us. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, we still doubted ourselves and worried up until the moment of delivery that it might not work. We were rug shopping, anything could happen! But we both loved it on screen so we were hopeful. 

The delivery

The rug arrived very well-packaged. So well packaged that is was quite a process releasing it!

It was rolled up, bound with cling film and covered with thick layers of plastic to keep it safe and secure. It also had small covers on its ends to ensure no damage in transit. 

Unwrapped and ready to roll out, it was the moment of truth. Would we still love it?

The Rug Retailer rug close up

The rug itself

Yes, yes, we love it! Phew.

It’s the Kathy Ireland Royal Terrace Rug in Blue/Beige. It is a little larger than our old rug, and the colours just work perfectly in our room.

It’s one of those rugs that can change colour depending on which way the pile is sitting. The light bounces off it beautifully giving it a silvery sheen in some lights.

You can probably see from the pictures that it has a soft texture, and it really is just so, so soft. The kids love it, and are always lying on it, which they didn’t do before with our old rug. 

It is a good quality, nice and thick and it is fade resistant and easy to clean.

The Rug Retailer rug with Herbie

This was the rug we were searching for, we know that now. This rug is a statement and it really becomes a focal point in the room and sets it all off perfectly. 

It cosies the living room up, it finishes it properly and complements everything in there. I am just so pleased with it. 

I keep finding Herbie in the living room, on the rug. So yes, this rug even gets the Herbie seal of approval. 

What do you think? And am I the only one that finds rug shopping tricky?

Disclosure: I was sent a rug free of charge for the purposes of this post

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