The School Reports Are In

We had the kids’ school reports on Friday evening. It was Little Man’s first one, as he’s in Reception, so I was especially looking forward to seeing what his would say, and I always like seeing how Boo’s getting on.

My two children couldn’t be more different to one another. They are like chalk and cheese. Their personalities are poles apart. It keeps me on my parenting toes! As such, I was expecting to read very different reports.

Boo is confident, energetic, optimistic, full of curiosity about any new experience and happy and excited about everything that life has to offer. From a stroll to the post box to a holiday to Disney World, both are thrilling to her. If it’s dry she wants to be outside, exploring and running off energy. She dances, she sings, she can rarely be still or quiet. She throws herself into every task completely, sometimes it’ll be done well, sometimes it’ll be more slapdash, my girl is one to get things done, not always to the best of her ability. She’s as even tempered as they come, rarely dramatic or overly sensitive. She’s compassionate almost to a fault – she puts everyone’s needs before her own as she loves seeing people happy and at ease.

Little Man is shy, quiet and unsure of new situations. He likes the security of an adult looking out for him, needing to hold his teacher’s hand each morning when I drop him off. He’s a perfectionist, and takes enormous pride in his work, taking his time to get everything right. He’s happiest at home, with his toys, colouring, PlayStation and movies. He’s a real home bod, and whilst he’ll play for a bit with his sister outside, he’s soon coming back in for his toys. He’s the baby of the family and gets his way with his sister far too much, he knows just how to work her and remember she has that compassionate thing going on. He is tenacious, stubborn and focused. And he adores his friends, talking about them all the time.

I see them and I see their differences. I see their individuality. But when I read their reports, I saw so many similarities, it took me by surprise.

They are both popular, they are both kind and caring, they both have lovely manners and are well-behaved. They both have a great attitude to learning and are both doing well academically, with Boo particularly excelling with her reading and Little Man particularly excelling with his Maths, the areas that they both enjoy most at school.

I want my kids to be happy and kind and considerate to others. That’s what I want from these primary school days, for them to build their own relationships, self-confidence and develop a love for learning. It seems that in the ways that really matter, my children are actually very similar to one another, and I am so very proud of them both.

For once, I went to bed that night reflecting that maybe we are doing something right here, maybe we are OK at this parenting thing. And then the next day, it all went wrong again and I was back to doubting myself, as per normal. But I had that one night, I’ll cling to that one night!

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