The Spa Experience – 6 Simple Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Paradise

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Is it just me, or does every day at work feel like a long day? Long hours, dark nights and then of course, parental responsibilities when you get back home leave many of us drained, tired and irritable. Indulging in a spa weekend sounds like a great idea right now, but weekends away are expensive, not forgetting you need to organise baby sitting and potentially take time off work. So, what’s the solution?

Why not recreate a spa experience at home? Don’t worry, you won’t have to get the builders in to complete renovate your bathroom! Just a few simple tricks and tips will completely transform your bathroom space and recreate the spa experience you deserve!

Upgrade your lighting

When we think of the lighting in a spa, we picture low, cosy lights that are subtle and emit a warm glow. So forget that bright and intrusive overhead bathroom light and consider installing LED bathroom lights instead. LED lights are stylish, energy efficient and they work out cheaper than traditional energy saving bulbs. Alternatively, for an instant fix you can place candles around your bathroom or opt for LED candles that look the part but are much safer.

Greenery is important

One thing you’re bound to spot in a spa is a collection of luscious, leafy plants. House plants always do well in bathrooms due to the moisture in the air. They make any room look fresh and that pop of colour instantly lifts any room. They also work to purify the air around us and help reduce stress – sounds like the perfect home-spa addition! If floor space is an issue in your bathroom then consider adding a couple of mini plants on shelves instead.

Add a chair

A small stool or wicker chair is an absolute must in your home-spa. Not only does it look chic and make your bathroom appear more relaxing. But you can place towels on it and use the chair as somewhere to rest and apply moisturisers and body lotions after your shower/bath. Bliss!

Keep control of the clutter

Is there anywhere more cluttered than a family bathroom? From shampoos to shaving products, the kids toys and towels hung on every hook and corner, it doesn’t exactly say rest and relaxation. Keeping your products tidy with bamboo shower caddies or keeping your children’s bath toys stored out of sight when not in use is the simplest idea. Install some chic shelving units or a unit under the bathroom sink to help keep on top of it all.

Go for nature inspired colours

If you want to invest a little more time into your home-spa then consider updating your bathroom walls with earthy/nature inspired colours. Browns, olive greens and greys all evoke a sense of calm and go well with all your spa accessories.

Upgrade your towels

No one likes having to use a dry, scratchy towel after a shower. So, invest in some new towels and maybe a new fluffy bathrobe (don’t forget the slippers!) to snuggle into after your soaking session. Bliss!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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