The Stick Man Trail

I read about the Forestry Commission running various Stick Man trails over on the lovely Mammasaurus’ blog and was delighted to find that there was one near us. We love Stick Man here, so last weekend we wrapped up warm and headed out for some fun, not only on the trail, but also with a special added bonus…

We went to Birches Valley, Cannock Chase, around half an hour away from us, and a truly beautiful place. I can’t help but feel happy whenever I’m there – do you have places that do that to you?

birches valley

We found the start of the trail, and our instructions – to collect twigs ready to make a Stick Man with the pipe cleaners provided (sadly, they weren’t any, but we had some at home, so all was not lost!)

stick man1

Around the trail were plenty of Stick Man check points, where we were asked to look for or do certain things. Boo loved finding all of the signs, so this was a fun game in itself, and then looked at each one eagerly to see what she had to do..


Things like close your eyes, cup your ears, and listen to the trees


Make a stick den (this was already made, we just played in it!)


And they always love exploring the little fairy den and house they have there..

fairy house montage

And strolling and clambering about..

birches valley montage

A ‘Congratulations’ marked the end of our Stick Man adventure, and we made our very own Stick Man when we got home..


And the special bonus? Santa’s grotto…


Boo and Santa

Both children were filled with wonder around the grotto, which was filled with trees and just smelled like Christmas. And then Boo was enthralled meeting Santa, while Little Man clung to Daddy’s legs! They each received a tree sapling for planting (all potted up now) and a little cuddly reindeer. Popular gifts here, and Little Man is particularly in love with his new toy πŸ™‚

It was a truly magical day out, and we all returned home tired and happy.

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26 thoughts on “The Stick Man Trail”

  1. I just love hearing about these stickman trails (I saw the Mammasaurus blog too). I think it’s absolutely brilliant that walks are being created that are aimed at kids linking literature and nature together…with all their senses.

  2. What a magical family day out! Lots of adventure, fun and exercise on the wonderful stick man trail in such lovely surroundings. What an added bonus being able to visit Santa’s grotto and see the man himself. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  3. What’s not to like? Stick man and Father Christmas on the same trail sounds perfect. I think I need to check to see if we have one near us. Love the idea of a sapling as a gift. #CountyKids

  4. Looks Like lots of fun was had, I am from Cannock and always make time to go back and have a walk up the chase still , Its lovely. Great Post xx #MMWBH

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