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What do you know about the Woodland Trust? If you were anything like me a few weeks ago, your answer may be very little. It turns out that they’re fabulous and fun once you find out a bit more, so I thought I’d share a little about them today with you.

The Woodland Trust is Britain’s largest charity protecting our woodland and the wildlife that lives there. Over 250 of our most threatened species depend on our native woods for their survival. Yet in the past 70 years, more than half of our ancient woodland has been destroyed.

They are all about inspiring people to get out and enjoy the woodlands around them, helping to preserve them, and campaigning to protect them.

To engage youngsters, for children aged 9 and under there are the Nature Detectives


The Nature Detectives part of the website is a lot of fun, and well worth a look around. It’s packed with activity ideas and suggestions, and I like how it’s divided up into three age ranges, the 0-2s, 3-5s and 6+. They also have a blog with practical tips, how-tos and checklists. You cannot fail to be inspired to get outside after having a browse, and the plan is for the kids and I to make a list of the activities that we’d like to try, and get busy with them over the school holidays.

You can also now take out a Family Membership with the Woodland Trust, which entitles you to:

Membership to Nature Detectives.
A Nature Detectives welcome folder and activity booklet, plus bookmark, nature passport and stickers.
New seasonal activity pack four times a year posted to each Nature Detective, and weekly Facebook challenges.
Different packs for different ages.
A tree dedicated to you in your nearest Woodland Trust wood.
A unique guide to native British trees.
Directory of Woodland Trust woods to discover.
Two copies of our Broadleaf and The Woods Today magazines each year.
Emails with details of activities, events and lots more.

Membership costs from £5 per month. Your membership fee goes towards protecting the countryside, providing homes for endangered animals and planting millions of trees.

We are awaiting our membership packs now, and Boo’s already eager to take a look at her activity pack. I’ll be sharing with you more about the packs and how we get on with our first adventures here shortly. You can easily find your nearest wood, using the finder tool over on their website. We have plenty near us to choose from, so we’ll be setting off soon!


To celebrate the launch of the family memberships, I have a Woodland Trust goody bag to give away to one of lucky readers. The bag includes an award winning notepad, a shopping bag, a swatch book, a jigsaw and a mug….

Woodland Trust Goody Bag

To be in with a chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below. The give-away closes at 12am on 23rd August 2015. Open to UK entrants only. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

They do also have a fun colouring competition running for the under 9’s, with a chance to win a family holiday to Eurocamp, so do not miss that one!

You can find the Woodland Trust on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

So do have a little browse over on Woodland Trust, and let me know what you think about it…

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with the Woodland Trust, though all words and opinions are my own

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231 thoughts on “The Woodland Trust #NatureDetectives”

  1. kellyanne mitchell

    the woodland trust is a fantastic organisation,it protects our wildlife and keeps the remaining areas of natural beauty safe for us all to enjoy x

  2. I think the woodland Trust is a fantastic charity and doesn’t get enough recognition for helping to preserve our woodland and the wildlife that lives within it. We walk a lot through our local woodland areas as we have a dog and my children are always fascinated to see the squirrels and voles scurrying among the trees, along with all the pretty flowers and shrubs!

  3. When I was teaching a topic about chatlereu park in Lanarkshire I got my school kids to write to the woodlands trust..u sent us lots of really fab info that I was able to use as follow up lessons so my experience of u r charity was wonderful…Thanks!

  4. The Woodland trust is a fantastic Organisation who do everything they can to promote/protect nature in all its forms.

  5. my son loves rampaging in the woods and this charity and membership idea is a great way to make him think about respecting the woodland and protecting it for the future.

  6. Woodland trust is a great organization,it protects woodland,restores anicent woodland and creates new woodland.This is an excellent way to educate children,to get them to understand for them to help other generations,know how important,our woodlands are to us,and our future

  7. The Woodland Trust’s continuing protection of our natural treasures,ensure that our beautiful woodlands can be enjoyed by future generations.

  8. I’ve been a Woodlands Trust supporter for a very long time and they do a fantastic job protecting our wildlife and woodland. Loving #NatureDetectives too; perfect time to get the kids outside too!

  9. Our woodland and the creatures that live in it is so precious so I think the Woodland Trust is great!

  10. It’s a great Charity and one I think it’s a great idea getting kids interested when they’re young x

  11. I think the Woodland Trust is immensely important to protect our woods. Woods are nature’s lungs and they offer habitats to our flora and fauna which would soon disappear if we did not have guardians like the Woodland Trust. With building sites encroaching on our green belts and potential fracking on the horizon our woods and forests need all the help they can get.

  12. They are great as they encourage everyone, whatever their age, to enjoy the outdoors and to understand why we need wildlife and why we should look after it for the future.

  13. I think the Woodland Trust is amazing. My husband knows a lot more about it than I do, I think he donates to them but I’m not 100%. Without them we may not have any native Red Kites in the country. One of the most beautiful predator birds in the UK imo x

  14. i love the fact that the wildlife can live like they are meant to. They need protecting a lot and they do just that 🙂

  15. Rachel Butterworth

    I think The Woodland Trust is a really nible charity doing everything they can to protect nature for animals, and our children to enjoy.

  16. The woodland trust do a great job at maintaining our woodlands and helping the wildlife that live there. I have made donations to the woodland trust to plant trees for my relatives. They thought it was a great gift.

  17. Helen Stratton

    The Woodland Trust is a much needed organisation. We have beautiful woodlands and they should be cared for.

  18. Jodie Holyoake

    I think the Woodland Trust is a great organisation! It does amazing things for our woodland + wildlife in Britain!

  19. Alice Matthews

    I had a gift membership of the woodland trust and it opened my eyes to the extent of the work they do in preserving and promoting woodland. As a teacher, I especially liked the all they ideas they have to engage children with woodland.

  20. I love the fact that they protect our woodland and the wildlife that lives there. It’s good that they get kids involved too.

  21. I think they do a really important job of protecting our ancient woodland. I live near Woodland Trust woodland and it’s beautiful! 🙂

  22. I think it’s a great idea – I’ve used lots of their resources with my Rainbows and Brownies. It’s so important to encourage children (and adults) to get outside and appreciate nature!

  23. the Woodland Trust is a great Charity for looking the woods an wildlife and giving us a great place to have family day

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  25. i think its a great organization and we should all do our bit in protecting are woodlands and wildlife xx

  26. Great – we love our woodlands and as our area is developing rapidly it’s nice to know someone’s there to protect it x

  27. The woodland trust is a fantastic charity not only do they spend time preserving our woodland but they try to get people involved

  28. Rebecca Townsend

    The Woodland Trust is super important as I feel that it is really important to save our native trees and also to encourage people to love & use the woods.

  29. An amazing charity out there to protect some of Britain’s beautiful areas of nature during a time of rapid re-development where so much of our green space is being sold to build flats/houses.

  30. Andy Kadir-Buxton

    Getting children from cities and towns interested in wildlife, without having to watch nature programmes, is important for the future of the planet.

  31. Samantha Atherton

    I think the woodland trust does an important job, a lot of people don’t seem to realize or just don’t care how important trees & our woodland is and will just desecrate it to put up some new housing estate or shopping center.

  32. I think they do a really important job. It’s great that there is an organisation that is working to protect our woodlands and their inhabitants.

  33. It’s a wonderful organisation, anything that gets the public more informed & involved in our green spaces it to be admired

  34. I think it is great, everyone should protect the planet, and children should be taught the importance of nature etc

  35. I think they do a fantastic job of protecting and preserving nature and the environment in the UK which is often overlooked.

  36. I think the Woodland Trust is a worthwhile charity protecting and growing more trees for the future, Very impressed with the work they do.

  37. I think it sounds like an amazing organization, and I really want to visit some of their sites. I grew up near forests, so they’re very important to me.


    The Woodland Trust are an amazing, independent organisation who do so much to conserve our woodlands, their biodiversity and heritage. Without our woodlands our countryside would suffer immeasurably. As a family we salute the amazing work they do and we feel so happy that their woodlands are truly protected and that they really fight to preserve those they don’t own as well.

  39. I love The Woodland Trust. It’s an important organization, so many people take local woodland for granted. It’s important that there are people out there looking after it. We should cherish our woodlands, walk more, picnic often and get back to nature. The Woodland Trust offer that and much more.

  40. I think the Woodland Trust is a fantastic organisation. The environment needs them and the work all the members and volunteers do. Thank you for making my environment accessible and enjoyable. x

  41. My boyfriend and I are massive animal lovers so anything that supports wildlife is brilliant as far as we’re concerned!

  42. The woodland trust may well be all that sits between our ancient woodlands and this vile government hell bent on selling every last bit of our beautiful land to profiteers and the very landsharks who have ruined out economy

    long may they last

  43. I love nature so think the woodland trust is a great organisation. Anything the helps nature flourish has got to be good.

  44. I really enjoy visiting our local Woodland Trust reserve so I’ve always had a high opinion of them and the work they do.

  45. I think the woodland trust is great they do a lot of work locally and on the ground to support local nature reserves and our indigenous species.

    They do a lot of work near me maintaining several nature trails and routes which we enjoy walking with the dog and little ones

  46. I think that the Woodland Trust is fabulous, I have been a member for over ten years. They are so important in protecting our woodland especially the precious ancient woods that are continuously under threat from development.

  47. Had never heard about them before now. Looks like a great idea and im going to look into it further. Always looking for new things to introduce my 3 children too

  48. Kirsty Broadbent

    The woodland Trust is a great way to teach children and adults whats out there and how everyone can do their bit. Its a fablous cause.

  49. Its a good organisation and its good to know there are people out there protecting the wildlife and environments in this great country

  50. I think it does a great service. I had a pack through the door this week with lots of activities for my daughter to inspire her to enjoy nature x

  51. Kayleigh-Anne Watkins

    we love nature trails and are lucky as we live close to a few beautiful nature parks so visit them often with our children, we much prefer them out exploring and breathing in the fresh air, than at home in and on devices etc, we get to spend quality family time, we often take picnics and spend hours walking and finding wildlife xxx

  52. I think it’s a great cause. I’m a big lover of nature and I think we should do all we can to protect our wildlife and natural environment.

  53. I think the woodland trust is a great charity and allows kids to understand and explore the woodland areas and understand the importance of conserving.

  54. I think the Woodland trust is an amazing charity, which does amazing work. I think it’s a lovely way for children, well anyone, to get involved in the nature

  55. The woodland trust is an essential charity for the protection and preservation of woodlands and the nature that resides there. Such an amazing organisation. 🙂

  56. It wasn’t something I knew much about until a friend told me about what they do and I think they are a great charity and do some amazing things and helping to raise awareness and keep our generation of kids interested in their world around them and the great outdoors

  57. I think they are mazing and do fantastic work, and am lucky enough to live quite close to one of their woods

  58. The Woodland Trust is a great Charity looking after our woodland and wildlife for us, our children and our children’s children 🙂

  59. The Woodland Trust is educational for children to get them interested, with their parents, to appreciate nature and wildlife

  60. I think the Woodland Trust are great, and the idea of getting kids into conservation and wildlife at an early age is exactly what I try to do with my boys

  61. The Woodland Trust do a great job looking out for trees and wildlife. I think that it is important for children to explore the natural landscape around them.

  62. I think the woodland trust is a fantastic organisation. They are great at making the outdoors fun and interesting for children.

  63. George Worboys Wright

    I think they do good a job. I enjoy walks in the woods with family and our dog so am grateful for the work they do.

  64. We owe a lot to The Woodland Trust thanks to all the work they do in Woodland Protection, Ancient Woodland Restoration and Woodland Creation. We are so lucky to have them particularly where I live in the Heart of England.

  65. I think the Woodland Trust is a fantastic charity. I think the children’s part of the website is a great idea, gets kids interested in conservation from an early age.

  66. I think it is a great organization and that we should all stand behind it and other organizations that seek to conserve and preserve our landscapes.

  67. I love the Woodland Trust and the work they do, not only for trees but for the wildlife living in the woods and forests. They are very good at communicating also.

  68. The Woodland Trust is a brilliant charity encouraging families to love the great outdoors and protecting our woodlands and wildlife for future generations to enjoy

  69. Its a great organisation to help spread awareness and conservation of our woodlands so they can be enjoyed by future generations.

  70. I think The Woodland trust is a great organisation that uses a fun and intersting way to get children to appreciate trees and nature x

  71. I think the Woodland Trust do a fantastic job and deserve our support – our woodland is so important, and I think often undervalued and underappreciated

  72. I think the Woodland Trust is a great organisation. It is so important to keep the green areas we have and let kids explore and learn about the woods and wildlife. As a family we love going walking in the woods.

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