The World Through The Eyes Of A Child

I needed to run a few errands at the start of the week. Things I’d been putting off, but that had accumulated – popping to the bank, buying a few bits that I’d run out of, standing in the post office queue, nothing thrilling. We don’t visit our local town centre all that often, certainly not as much as I used to when Boo was younger. We’ve got out of the habit, and if we’ve free time, we opt for more exciting trips out than this! But, needs must, so off we went.

We were there for an hour or so, so not too long, but long enough to get a fair bit of fresh air and a change of scenery. While we were there, it struck me how the children could make any task or chore an adventure. They can turn the mundane into the magical, and it’s so wonderful to see and be drawn into their world. Little things, like a busker singing which had barely even registered with me, until Little Man started dancing in his pushchair and Boo started dancing about and skipping to it, too, to Little Man’s delight as he watched her, giggling…


The excitement of popping to the bakery for some cakes for our afternoon snacks – well, OK, I admit I might have been excited about this, with or without the kids! In the bank, paying the money in at the machines is like some sort of fun, high tech experience for them, as is paying for the car parking ticket at the machine, to cries of ‘can I do it, let me pay the money in, lift me up!’

And as always, there was book browsing, and eventually buying – Boo likes to ‘pay’ now, too, yet another exciting aspect to her excursion…


On our return home, they snacked on their cakes, and played happily for some time with the new, bargain Play Doh we’d picked up – just £2 for 4 big pots..

cakes and fun

Such simple, little things. They can make pretty much anything fun and exciting, and it’s such a delight seeing the world through their eyes.

Seek the wisdom of the ages but look at the world through the eyes of a child by Ron Wild


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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30 thoughts on “The World Through The Eyes Of A Child”

  1. It is so amazing to think that all these little things which seem mundane and everyday to us are actually all new and exciting to them! More lovely pictures too Jocelyn. X

  2. I tend to walk into town once a week for the post office and any little bits and pieces. I ask LP where we’re going today ‘Shopping Mummy!’ and she’ll happily sit in the pushchair eating dry cheerios as we go from shop to shop and then I’ll say we’re going home and she’ll say ‘One more shop Mummy!’, LP loves town. No idea why! x

  3. As Potato is getting older, I get more and more enjoyment out of taking him out to the everyday places. He loves pushing the trolley round the supermarket and taking things off the shelves and he always has to hand things to the checkout person himself!
    Looks like you had a lovely time out xx

  4. It’s so easy to forget how amazing the things we take for granted are to a child – my boys love paying for things, putting money into machines etc – and I have to remind myself to ask them if they’d like to help. Lovely post Jocelyn, thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  5. The conversations we have lately can really bring me out if tiredness because the questions they generate, through our bear’s eyes, really make me think!

  6. It’s a world of discovery for our children out there and being able to witness it through their eyes is wonderful and uplifting and helps us appreciate the world around us too. Thanks for linking up and sharing their outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  7. It so easy to be bored of all the mundane things in an adults life. I often forget that to children, this may only be the first, second or third time etc they have done something, so it’s exciting and fun to them. Great to be reminded sometimes x

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