The Year Of Live Music

This year is the Year of Live Music in our home. Or more precisely, for myself and my daughter. 

I mentioned this in my post a few months ago, The One About Me, My Daughter and One Direction and then in my New Year Thoughts.

In that post, I explained how close my daughter and I are whenever we chat about, or sing, music. 

We love it!

Before I launch into the live music plans, I should also say that since I last talked about this, we’ve managed to meet Louis Tomlinson at an album signing and we had a fun few hours out visiting the place that Harry Styles grew up.

That involved crossing a muddy field to a huge viaduct bridge filled with messages to Harry. A lot of Harry fans have been there! 

It’s fun taking trips like this together, and as the latter one took an hour or so to get to, the soundtrack to road trip itself was part of the day out.

Things are then starting to shape up nicely for our Year of Live Music. 

So far, we have already seen Lewis Capaldi a couple of weeks ago, we have Harry Styles in May, we have Lewis again at an outdoor show in August and we have Louis Tomlinson in November.

Not a bad line up so far!

Lewis Capaldi was absolutely brilliant, and my daughter and I sang our hearts out. He played all of our favourites and also played some of his new songs from his album out in May (I already have a signed copy pre-ordered, obviously) and I can’t wait to hear those again and play them over and over again. He was also very funny, as you’d expect, and brilliant with the crowd. 

Next up, we are waiting to see if Niall Horan announces a tour as we have to get tickets for that.

He has a new single coming out this month, he has an album ready to release, so we’re optimistic he will tour. If not, we might need to book a festival ticket as he’s playing a few of those this year. A festival is never a hardship! 

There are then those concerts that we’d like to do but tickets are likely to be like gold dust and cost the earth – Taylor, anyone?

And we’ll then see what else we fancy throughout the year, along with trips to the theatre of course, we love a musical too! We have SIX again in March and I am sure there will be several more this year.

I also have tickets to see Luke Combs in October with the Husband and my brother and sister-in-law. If you don’t know him, he’s a huge country singer and one of my favourites. The Husband and I are making a little hotel getaway out of that one, so that one will be fab. 

It’s been a while since I’ve had this many concerts on the horizon and I’m really looking forward to them. 

Live music has always been one of my favourite things, and sharing it with my daughter now makes it even more special. 

I’ve already got a feeling that when the Year of Live Music ends, we’ll have to roll it on to 2024. Two or three Years Of Live Music sounds good to me, I’ve got to make the most of it while my girl is still happy to go along with me! 

Have you got any music plans this year?

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2 thoughts on “The Year Of Live Music”

  1. How exciting to meet Louis Tomlinson and visit where Harry grew up! I have seen so many videos of Harry Styles in concert and it looks like he puts on a great show. I love Lewis Capaldi, he’s an amazing singer and seems like a really funny guy.
    It sounds like you have a great year of music planned. All we have planned is to see a Bon Jovi tribute act which was postponed from last year. x

    1. My daughter was so happy! Harry Styles’ show does look amazing, we’re really looking forward to it. I’m a big Lewis Capaldi fan, he always makes me smile! I’m glad you’re finally getting to see your postponed show, I am sure it will be brilliant x

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