They Stopped!

OK, this photo may not mean much to you, or the moment seem remotely remarkable, but to me, it’s precious..


My children are both active. Yes, I know most children are, but mine get called ‘spirited’ – you’re getting me now, aren’t you?! Parents used to cast pitying glances at me when Boo was younger and we were out at classes or playgroups, as she was the one who just wanted to run, and run and run. When pregnant with Little Man, I was reassured that he was bound to be a little more laid-back, perhaps a little less fearless and calmer. They lied! Yes, I’d say he is a more easy-going child, and definitely a very happy baby, but if anything, I’d say he’s more active and mischievous than his sister, which is saying something. They’ve reached that lovely age of playing together and entertaining each other, though this also means it’s an age where they get into trouble together, become wild and destructive together, egging each other on and giggling, and yes, I realise I have years to come of this, thank you.

So, to see them both sitting down watching TV like this (it was In The Night Garden, of course, with Little Man’s new-found love) was wonderful. They are not children that sit and watch TV all day. They are not children that sit, really! I am proud of that. They want to explore, discover, learn and do it all at break-neck speed, but there are times when a moment or two of quiet would be welcomed. Here, I captured a rare moment of peace and tranquillity. It lasted for approximately 3 minutes, but what a calm 3 minutes it was 🙂

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44 thoughts on “They Stopped!”

  1. I know how you feel honey, my favourite is when people like to point out that ‘you have your work cut out for you there’… hmmm like I didn’t notice.

    I hope you managed to stare at the wall and do nothing during those precious 180 seconds! #MagicMoments

    1. It is exhausting, but yes I think you’re right, it’s better this way. I’d welcome the odd moment of rest, though…!

  2. As the parent of a “spirited” child or two I know exactly what you mean. Love these quiet moments, just wish there were a few more of them. (Currently trying to remove plastic bricks from a money box)

  3. Oh I totally understand that blissful moment of peace and quiet. In the night garden sometimes has that effect on Monkey, or occasionally baby jake (which I hate). It is great to have such active and inquisitive little ones, but it is also exhausting and those occasional moments in the front of the TV can really help! I try and time them for when I have to cook the dinner or something, though I don’t always succeed! Very cute picture of the two of them!

    1. Thank you. Yes, it is lovely that they’re so active, but there are just some times when it’d be nice for them to slow down….!

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