Things To Do In Krakow

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Krakow is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination due to its beauty, rich history and many attractions. In fact, Krakow was visited by 14 million tourists in 2019, and this number could increase further in the future.

If you’re thinking of visiting Poland, then why not choose a city break in Krakow? Here are five things to do while on holiday in this amazing city.


Visiting Auschwitz can be difficult due to its cruel history, but at the same time, it’s so important to visit this site and learn about the horrors of the Holocaust to ensure that we continue to remember the victims. Auschwitz was a complex of concentration camps and extermination camps during the Second World War, and around 1.1 million people were killed there by the Nazis. 

If you want to visit Auschwitz and learn about its history, then you can book an Auschwitz tour from krakow. Auschwitz is about an hour and a quarter from Krakow, so you’ll need to travel there or book a tour that includes transportation.

Wawel Castle

If you enjoy history and architecture, then you should definitely visit Wawel Castle in central Krakow. This is one of the largest castles in Poland and it represents many architectural styles from the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods. There are many exhibition halls inside the castle that you can explore, so you could spend hours visiting this historical tourist attraction alone. Additionally, you can visit the Wawel Castle museum, which showcases many Polish artefacts from a range of time periods.

Botanical Garden

For those who want to enjoy a relaxing stroll surrounded by nature, the Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University is a must-see attraction. The Botanical Garden is located near the Old Town, and it’s only a ten-minute walk from the Main Market Square. In this beautiful setting, you’ll be able to see thousands of different plant species and visit the famous arboretum. However, the Botanical Garden is only open from mid-April to mid-October, so you’ll have to plan your visit accordingly.


If you’re travelling with children, they’ll love a visit to the Krakow Aquapark. This huge swimming pool facility has tons of fun attractions, such as slides, rock climbing walls and even a pirate island, and there’s also an aqua bar where you can grab some food and drink. The Aquapark is a great day out for all the family.

Main Market Square

You can’t visit Krakow without going to the Main Market Square. The square is a fantastic place to observe the historical architecture of the city in the medieval Old Town, and it’s surrounded by a huge variety of cafés, shops, pubs and historical landmarks, including St. Mary’s Basilica. If you visit Krakow during the winter, you’ll also get to experience the magical Christmas markets.

If you’re hoping to book a city break in the near future, you should definitely place Krakow high on your list of potential destinations. This beautiful and historic city boasts so many brilliant tourist attractions – you certainly won’t be disappointed!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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