Those Dreaded Words…

The words that you do not want to hear. The words that tell you, innocently and without malice, that your kids’ feet have grown. Again.

Yes, that brief painless moment, taking all of a few seconds that suddenly means I’m going to be spending a fortune that week on footwear. Gulp.

Whilst we were away last week, we walked by a Clarks outlet and I suggested that we should get the children’s feet measured as they hadn’t been sized for a while and Little Man had commented over the weekend that his wellies hurt him.

It seems he was right to complain. His feet had grown. And annoyingly, so had his sisters’. Aaahhh!

Boo, at 6, is now in a size 1 shoe, and Little Man, at just 3 and a half, is a size 11 – that is big, isn’t it?! His sister’s 3 years older and only two shoe sizes bigger!!

Which all means that they both needed new shoes, both of them. And it’s not like you can just buy one pair, is it? They had sandals each as they were on offer in Clarks, Little Man then had wellies, a pair of trainers that he’ll wear most of the time, some shoes for a change to the trainers every once in a while and some trainers for nursery. Boo needed school shoes (fortunately they had some lovely ‘seconds’ in the Clarks store which were a bargain and look perfect to me), sandals and some trainers. She was desperate for some Skechers with the memory foam and tells us they are the most comfortable shoes EVER!


So yes, in the past week we’ve spent the best part of £100 on footwear for the kids. Grim. Many of these were sales and bargains, too. And no doubt they’ll both grow out of them all again in a few months and it will all begin again.


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  1. Don’t… I was doing some spring cleaning this morning and made the mistake of tidying up the mess of shoes under the stairs… I feel a spending spree coming on….

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