Tips For Adding A Log Burner To Your Home

A couple of weeks ago we installed a log burner. We love it already and we’ve not actually burned it yet! Today I thought it might be useful to share some tips for adding a log burner to your home as with energy prices on the rise I can see a few of us opting to add these. 

Shop around

This is always going to be the first thing on your list, isn’t it?

As with any major work, you are going to want to get a few quotes for this one.

We got three quotes from local companies and they did vary a fair bit. They varied in terms of both price and the length of the job, so do ask about both when you are enquiring.

Of course, it’s also worth checking reviews alongside considering the quotes you have.  

When then confirming the work, we chose the log burner and finish we would like, to include a wooden mantel beam.

What to Expect

It’s likely to be a one or two day installation. Your chosen company should be able to confirm this when they quote you. 

It’s going to get messy!

Where possible, you will want to empty as much as you can out of the room the log burner will be installed in. Anything you can’t move, cover with sheets. 

I’d imagine that the job itself then varies according to what you have in place already.

In our case, we had a fireplace in situ with a chimney, though we’d never used it. 

It was noisy for a couple of hours as the fireplace was emptied out and the area was prepared. They also used a cherry picker to go up to the chimney, so you might need to ensure access. 

We were then able to choose whether the old fireplace would remain as brick or be boarded out and plastered. 

When arranging the work, the company will ask questions to understand your current set up so they can give you more specific guidance around how it will work in your situation. 

The chimney breast was tidied up afterwards as they plastered it. You will then need to decorate afterwards.

Fortunately, our living room was due a new paint job, so this hasn’t caused us any issues. It’s one we’ll get round to soon!

A Few Things to Think About

The burner you will need

This will vary, so get some advice from the company installing it for you.

You need to consider the size and how much it will heat your room or home.

In our case, we were keen to get something that should comfortably heat our living room and throw out heat to other rooms and upstairs. As I work from home, we were looking for options so that I could just have this on rather than the central heating when home alone through the colder months. 

Where to buy your fuel

It’s worth looking into the best places you can buy your fuel from going forwards.

Our log burner is a multi-fuel burner so there are a few options and we are still looking into the best ones for us.

Fortunately, it’s lovely and warm here at the moment so we’ve yet to need this. 

Storing your logs

You are going to need to store your logs somewhere, so look into the best ways for you to do this.

This is two-fold as you will want a few to hand near to your log burner and then a larger storage area for your logs supply. 

The cost

Last but not least, you need to think about the cost of this whole project.

Adding a log burner to your home can seem like a large upfront cost, so you’ll need to weigh it up.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of the burner, it is a way to heat your home more efficiently.

Log burners should heat your home more cheaply than gas and electric, and if you can get wood for free, then you are really winning. 

Log burners can also increase the value of your home, so that’s another thing to factor in when you are running the numbers. 

All in all, we’re really pleased we took the plunge and had our log burner installed.

It was not as messy as I thought it might be, it was installed very quickly (in our case, a little over half a day), and it looks great. 

I am looking forward to cosying up in our living room this winter and hopefully saving some money on our energy bills because of it.

What do you think? Have you got one already? Or might this be something you’re interested in?

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