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Tips For Making Baking Fun With Your Kids 

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It’s never too soon to introduce your kids to the joys of baking. A kitchen is a great place for children to learn, explore and socialise with other kids — and you. The best part about baking with kids is that it can be messy – but that it is OK!

The don’ts are easy: stay away from knives, hot ovens and hobs if they’re not old enough to understand how they work. The dos include letting them choose the recipe, being patient when things don’t go as planned (they will!), finding age-appropriate tasks for them to do, leading by example by following recipes closely so they’ll know what works well in cooking, making them a part of your regular baking routine and sharing the goodies at the end of it all.

First of all, it’s going to be messy.

That’s just the way it is when you’re baking with kids. The best part is, that’s perfectly OK. The goal isn’t to have a spotless kitchen – it’s to have fun and make some memories in the process. Let your little ones choose the recipe they want to try. This will help get them excited about baking and give them agency. So much of what they eat will often be chosen for them; when it comes to baking they really will have a stake in what they make (and eat!).

baking dough

Being patient with your little one is in every parent’s 101 but is especially true when it comes to baking.

The best thing you can do is follow recipes carefully. The more often you bake, the better! If your little one helps with measuring ingredients and stirring batter, they’ll get a sense of what works well in cooking. They will be able to feel successful when it all comes together at the end too.

Find age-appropriate tasks for your little one.

Often helping to mix the batter is the best place to start (and they get to lick the spoon too). Older kids can help measure ingredients, crack eggs and even do the folding in of dry ingredients. The key is to let them be a part of the process so they feel included and excited about what’s going on.

Lead by example.

The best way for your little one to learn how to bake is by watching you do it. The other benefit is that you get to spend some quality time together. So, follow recipes closely together and let them see how baking works in the kitchen.

Making your little one a part of your regular routine will make both of you happy (and less stressed out). The more often they help with cooking, the better at it they will become – practice makes perfect after all. The really fun part of baking together is the decorating – you can use buttercream or icing to make one of their favourite cartoon characters (we’d recommend heading over to Anges De Sucre to check out some of their amazing creations for some inspiration).

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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