To Combat The Holiday Blues…

This month we are going to be off on a holiday that we have excitedly been counting down to for a year, a whole year. And when I say counting down, I do mean that literally as we have a countdown running in the kitchen that Boo updates daily.The anticipation and build up to this one has been huge, and I just know that once we are there it will absolutely fly by. Which is why my attention has now turned to booking holidays, mini-breaks and day trips for when we return, things to look forward to when the Disney World blues hit us!

So far we have booked train tickets for a day trip to London next month, which is an adventure that I know we’ll all enjoy. I think once there we will probably visit the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum, but nothing’s set in stone so we’ll take it as it comes.

We have then booked a few days away in August to explore the Lake District and to take a trip to the seaside. I do love the English seaside, and we’ve not explored the Lakes before with the kids, so we are looking forward to that.

Then there’s the next holiday to think about. Whilst I suspect that a trip to Disney World may well be on the cards again at some point, it’ll be in a few years time, so I have been looking around for inspiration for our next break.

I am not too set on the destination, so I have been checking out the latest First Choice discounts for a little inspiration. I have spotted a few deals on Cape Verde which tempts me as my dad has just been there and absolutely loved it. I have always fancied Mexico, too, and that’s somewhere we’ve never tried so another possibility to add to my list. We love Italy and have yet to take the children there, so that idea’s also floating around in my head, along with Paris – I adore Paris. I know that I want family friendly facilities and activities, but other than that, I am not too fussed so I guess the world is our oyster!

I might also have my eye on Groupon for a cheeky little overnight getaway just for the Husband and I. I’m open to any good deals, as it doesn’t matter too much where we go, as long as it includes shopping, meals out and a little sightseeing. We try to cram as much into 48 hours as we possibly can!

Where have been your favourite family holidays? I’d love to hear any recommendations.

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