Today’s the SSE Women’s FA Cup Final!

Today is the SSE Women’s FA Cup final, will you be watching?

It kicks off today at 5.30pm and you can tune in live on BBC1 to follow the action at Wembley. A record breaking audience is expected to attend, it’ll be a great family day out. It should be interesting as this year sees a repeat of the 2016 final with Arsenal Women taking on Chelsea Ladies. Will Chelsea turn the tables and prove to be victorious this time round? We will soon see!

Since my daughter went along to SSE Wildcats sessions last year, she has taken much more of an interest in football, particularly women’s football. She’s loved playing football with her dad since she was a toddler, and sees it very much as a sport as much for women as men nowadays. I think she was a little put off initially as it was mainly the boys in her class talking football and going along to after school clubs, making it appear that it wasn’t for her and also meaning that as they’d been playing a little more than her they were of course better at it. Attending SSE Wildcats sessions has boosted her confidence as she’s played with girls and seen that anyone can enjoy the game, and she’s now improved her skills so she can hold her own. It’s also then great to see women’s football getting an increasingly high profile with games being shown on mainstream TV, so long may that continue.

It’s so important to be inspiring girls with positive role models who may otherwise think football isn’t a place for them, #TogetherWeCan inspire a generation and be the difference. We need to be instilling the fact that young girls can be whatever they want to be with determination and support, across society and helping our children to believe in this. Women’s football is such a positive way to do this with so many positive strides being made on and off the pitch.

Hope you have fun watching the game, or you can use #TogetherWeCan or #SSEWomensFACup Final on social media to keep track of it and share in the excitement if you aren’t able to watch it.

Will you be watching?

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