Top 10 Tips on Writing Blog Posts

In the second of my Blog Lowdown round-up posts, I’m sharing with you top tips from bloggers about actually writing blog posts…..


1. Make the titles of your post tantalising to entice readers to your post but keep it relevant. (The Adventures of JackJack)

2. Write about your knowledge, if people believe you know your stuff you will become an authority within your field and people will be genuinely interested in your posts and advice. (Little Bohemian Butterfly)

3. Keep your posts concise and to the point. I get put off if a post looks like it’s going to take more than a few minutes to read. (Mummy Tries)

4. Mention older posts in newer posts so people stick around and click other posts on your blog. Keep them reading! (Let’s Talk Mommy)

5. Don’t be afraid to tackle ‘difficult’ subjects. Blogging can be such a powerful medium. Sharing your story can help someone else with the same experience. (Headspace Perspective)

6. Utilise the hyperlinks and insert old posts into new ones to help tell the story. (Mummy Tries)

7. I’m infamous for being a dreadful grammar pedant. In my view, if you’re serious about the written word, you need to know – and use – correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. We can all make the odd typo, but a post littered with errors undermines the credibility of even the best ideas. (Headspace Perspective)

8. Don’t just state the facts. Share how the facts made you feel. Good or bad, and what did you do about it. If you don’t know more words for emotions than happy, sad, angry, and stressed…look them up! Readers want to connect to you, the author, even if the content is not especially of high interest, but people will often keep reading if they feel connected to the writer through emotions. (Hide-N-(Sensory)-Seeking)

9. Write about things that are close to your heart. A heart filled with passion creates interesting stories (In the Moment Mum)

10. And this one I’m adding in as practically every blogger has said this over the course of the series, in some form or another. Be honest, be genuine, find your own voice and write posts that you want to write.

And if you get writers block, I have shared some tips here on getting your blogging mojo back, and next week I’ll be bringing you a post all about making the most of linkies, which can always provide inspiration, too.

To read the full interviews with any of the bloggers mentioned, simply search for them in my side bar and their full Blog Lowdown post will come up for you.

What tips would you add?

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9 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips on Writing Blog Posts”

  1. Agree with #7 like you wouldn’t know… I also think that sticking to what you’re passionate about is so crucial when writing. It can translate so badly when something is being written without any real interest in the subject. I have never had writer’s block, but I do get writer’s constipation (ok, maybe bad choice of words, but I shall explain). If I’m concentrating so hard on one post, even just putting thoughts together internally, I can’t focus on another post that may be easier and quicker to write. So I can go ‘silent’ for an age while I’m mentally cooking up a post, when I could have written some other less-involved posts in the meantime. I’m almost certain that this makes no sense at all, but there, I’ve said it! P.S. One of these days I WILL return to #WotW!

    1. Oh yes, with you on no 7. I am loving your phrasing here! I’m just the opposite – if I’m blocked on a post, I flit to others back and forth. #WotW will be here whenever you’re ready to return 🙂 x

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  3. I always forget how important it is for the title to be catchy etc, but you are right, it is SO important! Especially for things such as bloglovin.

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