Top 5 Nickelodeon Shows

We do like our films and TV here, and though the kids watch the very rare ‘adult’ programme (Ninja Warrior is a huge hit with them!) generally they will only watch children’s channels. So today I’d like to introduce you to some of our favourite shows as I share our top 5 Nickelodeon shows….


Spongebob Squarepants

I suspect that everyone knows this one? You must have at least seen little Spongebob? He is so cheery and friendly, whereas I find myself preferring Squidward Tentacles and his arrogant and moody ways! The Husband informs me that Patrick Star (a starfish, of course) is by far the best character – what do you think? And yes, you may have gathered, this is a favourite of ours more so than the kids!

Robot & Monster

How sweet is Monster?! He is always looking on the bright side, though he can be a little gullible, bless him. Robot is clever and inventive, though he feels the world is against him and is definitely more of a glass half empty kinda guy. They have been best friends since childhood and work in the Blinking Light Factory. A fun friendship tale.

Sanjay and Craig

If you’ve not see this one yet, it’s about a boy called Sanjay and his pet snake, Craig. But Craig is not like other snakes. Craig can talk, and is the master of disguise! This is good fun for slightly older kids and Boo always giggles through it.

Favourite Nickelodeon shows

Ren and Stimpy

OK, this one’s for me. Takes me back and makes me giggle every time! Just typing it has me saying ‘Ren’ ‘Stimpy’ in my mind in their voices – you know what I mean!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Have I mentioned before that my girl likes the TMNT? I suspect I have! She absolutely loves them. Along with costumes, t-shirts, caps, PJs and more, we also have colouring books, the annual, storybooks, top trumps, DVDs, stickers, and then there are the toys. Oh, the toys! She has the Shell Raiser, the weaponry, the giant Leonardo play-set that opens up, and I think pretty much every figure from the show.  So really, you can ask me anything about Splinter and Shredder and I am there! We were some time when we visited the Nickelodeon store last summer…

Boo in the Nickelodeon store

Oh, and we love  a whole stack of Nick Jr shows, too – Peppa Pig anyone?!

All of these programmes are streamed live on Nickelodeon and many of them can also be viewed as box sets and on catch up with NOW TV – yes, we have Turtles on tap here!

Do you or your kids watch any of these? Which are your favourites?

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