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My brother, his wife and the Husband and I have been known, a little more frequently than is probably necessary, to talk over our favourite chocolate bars, and then equally, talk through the ones that are seemingly pointless and wonder who is buying them. Yep, this is how my family rolls, these are normal Saturday afternoon chats for us. Totally normal, right? So after much umming and aahhiing, I settle with these as my top 5 chocolate bars, in no particular order, as it’s hard enough to narrow down to just 5 without having to rank them..

Snickers, Mars, Twirl, Double Decker and Boost. If I’m deviating from being strict on ‘bar’, I’d go for peanut M&Ms, too, but I’ll stick with just bars, no need to add more choices into the mix! Yorkies feature prominently in the husband’s and my brothers preferences, too, so they may well be popular choices?

And then we have to consider the poorest choices, the ones that yes, we’d eat (we’re not fools) but if we were grabbing a bar of chocolate from a counter full of possibilities, we’d never actually choose. We’re talking..

Fudge, Curly Wurly, Milky Way, Topic, Caramac, then things like Toffee Crisp, Picnic, Lion bar – all perfectly tasty, but not quite enough for us to ever opt for them.

Last weekend, following one of these such chats, my brother bought us a selection of the more inferior chocolate choices, and our decisions were reaffirmed. However, in amongst them was this little gem, which you may have spotted if you follow me on Instagram..


Well, this rocked my world! I had never had one of these, but I’m now keen to have another! It seems plenty of you love them, and for those that are StarBar virgins as I was, I’d describe it as a peanuty Boost – delicious! I am pleased to have found yet another chocolate bar that will tempt me, and it may even sneak into my top 5 there….

Oh, and these conversations always, inevitably and incontrovertibly lead to – Why, oh why, can we no longer buy a Fuse bar? A finger of Fudge yes, but no Fuse? What?!

They were the best, a favourite of mine at the time. I Googled them and discovered that they launched in 1996 and were discontinued in 2006. Yes, it’s been nearly a decade since they were around, which makes me feel so old! But I want them back, they need to be on the shelves once more, surely? What say you, lovely people at CadburyWorld?

You know you can always rely on me for asking the tough questions and bringing the thought-provoking hard-hitting blog posts, can’t you?

So, do share, what tops your list, and which bars would you just not bother with (unless presented to you, then you’d absolutely need to eat them)

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10 thoughts on “Top of the Chocs”

  1. I like Star Bars, but they’re not my first choice. I quite like a Picnic too, but again only occasionally. You haven’t mentioned Fry’s-I love those. I’ve been known to linger in a shop for much longer than is necessary choosing a chocolate bar-important decision isn’t it! And yes, I do like a Bounty too 🙂

    1. It is an important decision, and if you’re like me, you don’t often get much time to peruse a chocolate counter without being under pressure from kids! x

  2. Top of the list would’ve to be a Bounty, that’s an easy one, though I do also have a soft spot for a Wispa. Not to bother with – I’d say Curly Wurly, Fudge and I’m not very fond of anything with caramel in it either. But as I’m dairy free at the moment they all sound completely wonderful!!

  3. Chocolate – one of my v favourite subjects! Wispas are my #1 fave, but why did they get rid of Secrets:? Does anyone else even remember them?

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