My Top 10 80’s Kids TV Theme Tunes

I’m feeling nostalgic, so bear with me. If you’re of a certain age, maybe you’ll even come with me, as I have a little dip into YouTube and share with you ten of my favourite TV themes from my childhood. These are amongst some of my favourite shows, though I’m choosing them because the theme tune itself has stayed with me. I can sing along to them all!

top 10 80's Kids TV Theme Tunes

Button Moon

Pigeon Street

Family Ness

Danger Mouse


Fraggle Rock



Saved By The Bell

Round the Twist

Would any of these be on your list? What would you have to add?

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28 thoughts on “My Top 10 80’s Kids TV Theme Tunes”

  1. I remember all of those! Although I had forgotten about dogtanion, so that was good to see! I would also have the dream stone on mine as I loved that cartoon and used to miss swimming lessons to watch it!

  2. Love it! I knew most of them word-for-word (apart from He-Man and Thunder Cats, which nobody in my house watched). I especially love Round the Twist. Funnily enough I was singing that to my husband the other day and he didn’t remember it at all. He thought I was mad.

  3. I remember ALL of them! 🙂 Loved Fraggle Rock and Dangermouse best. As for Pigeon Street, I get a proper nostalgia feeling when I listen to that…

  4. Oh wow that brought back some great memories! I remembered them all apart from pigeon street – never heard of that one. Loved fraggle rock and thundercats best! 🙂

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