Top Up Your Bookshelves!

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Let’s talk books today, let’s talk about topping up your bookshelves.

We could all do with topping them up, and why not do that today?! 

If you’re someone who has A LOT of books, like me, you know it makes sense to get more. 

If you’re someone who likes to dip in and read now and then, you could do with a few more so you have them at the ready.

If you’re someone who very rarely or even never reads, well then, now is the time! 

I’m working with Books2Door again this month, and as I’ve been sharing how many great kids and YA books they have recently, and their newly launched children’s books subscription boxes, I thought it was worth reminding you that they have loads of books for adults too.

When I pop over and browse, I tend to go for fiction first, but they do also have plenty of non fiction books.

Whether you’re looking for recipes, self help, history, autobiographies, and many more, they have a good selection to choose from. And as is always the case with Books2Door, all at discounted prices. 

Then there is the adult fiction and there is a huge range to choose from.

Whilst many books can be bought singly, it’s the boxsets and collections that are hard to resist. All of those books in a bundle for a good price! 

You can shop the adult section via the ‘Grown Ups’ tab, and you can easily shop by genre there or just opt to look at boxsets.

I know from my own experience that there are loads to choose from, and they regularly get new stock in too. 

The challenge is just choosing a few boxsets, as you could easily buy dozens!

Perhaps you want the Bridgerton books, maybe Stephen King will tempt you or maybe go for classics like Sherlock Homes or Edgar Allen Poe?

Favourite authors are bound to be there, and it’s also a great way to try new authors, and new genres. 

That’s the beauty of a boxset, you’ll have a few books to immerse yourself in the author’s world. 

I think it can really help you to get into the habit of reading regularly if you have a good boxset to get into. And for those of us that read regularly…well, I don’t really need to explain to you the temptation of a book bundle, do I?

If you’d like to try Books2Door, you can shop through their website or you can get the Books2Door app from Google Play or the App Store and you’ll get 10% off when you install the app.
Just search for ‘Books2door’ and it’ll pop up for you. 

If you’re a regular book-buyer, there is a loyalty scheme for customers, Book Points, where you’ll receive points for every pound spent and you can redeem them against your next order. There’s also a £5 off offer for each of you when you refer a friend. 

As I’ve mentioned before, Books2Door have also got a delivery service which is well worth a look if you’re like us and are often buying books. 

They offer a PLUS+ delivery service, with both Silver and Gold membership options.

You can pay an annual fee for all of your delivery costs, you just need to add your chosen membership to your cart when buying books to get going with this. Choose from:

PLUS+ SILVER = Pay a £6.95 one-off fee and get all orders delivered for the next 12 months (standard shipping, 3-5 working days)

PLUS+ GOLD = Pay a £9.95 one-off fee and get all orders delivered for the next 12 months (express shipping, 1-2 working days)

I love reading books. I love writing about books. I love talking about books. To be honest, I love just looking at books! The only issue with writing this post is that it has me looking at these books on my shelves again and wanting to read them all at once! It cannot be done!

What boxsets are tempting you? 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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